[SHOCKING VIDEO] Texas School Worker Callously Flinging Five Young Puppies Over a Six-Foot-High Fence

by McGuire | April 22, 2015 4:14 pm

In a heartbreaking act of cruelty, a school employee got rid of some sweet little puppies in probably the most horrible way possible- tossing the tiny, 3-week-old puppies over a 6-foot fence. Luckily, the Humane Society caught the whole thing ON TAPE- and he will be punished! From the Daily Mail:


A Texas school worker is facing an animal cruelty charge after police say he was caught on tape tossing five puppies over a six-foot fence at the Humane Society on Saturday.

Paul Warren Smith, 61, was identified as the man in a white Marshall Independent School District van seen in surveillance video tossing five, 3-week-old puppies over a chain-link fence just before noon on Saturday at the The Humane Society of Harrison County’s The Pet Place in Marshall.

‘It appears the man was trying to do the right thing, of getting the animals to the proper place to take care of them,’ Captain John Best with the Marshall Police Department told KSLA.

‘But the manner he went about it was wrong.’

In the video, the man is seen pulling the five puppies from a cardboard box recovered from the back of the van and flinging them over the fence in a manner that makes it unlikely that they landed on their feet.

‘Luckily he didn’t break their legs, or concussion, break a neck,’ Kay Hill, director for The Pet Place, told KSLA.

All of the puppies are healthy and not injured. The Humane Society is taking applications now for the pups, who will be available to adopt in about a month.

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