Sister of Dallas sniper posted sick WARNING to social media

Sister of Dallas sniper posted sick WARNING to social media

There a lot of details about the killing of 5 police officers that have not yet been released. We need to always wait for the facts to come out before we make our judgments

But the systematic slaying of 5 police officers at one time is without question or argument, wrong.


From BizPac Review:

Apparently, bitter hatred runs in the family.

One day before Micah X Johnson, participated in an attack that killed five Dallas police officers, his sister, Nicole Johnson, posted anti-police rhetoric on Facebook, the Daily Beast reported. Police “need to get a taste of the life we now fear” she wrote along with other anti-cop sentiments.

The following are screenshots taken from her account before they were deleted:



There is no convincing this woman of her insane point of view. Read the post. The FACTS do not matter. A case by case approach to all incidents does not matter. In her mind, ALL police are racists out to kill black men. There are almost 800,000 arresting police officers in the United States today…and this insane woman believes they are ALL racist killers?

Belief doesn’t amount to facts.

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