Teacher Facing Jail Time After Doing the UNTHINKABLE With Young Student [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | December 19, 2016 12:16 pm

I’ve written on this winner[1] of a teacher before. Mary Beth Haglin, 24, was a substitute teacher and at least one student’s fantasy. She slept with a 17 year-old student hundreds of times. She sent him lewd pics via her phone as well, which led to her downfall. Of course, she got caught and is facing jail for a six-month fling. Plus being on a sexual predator list for the next ten years. I would say her budding teaching career is over and rightfully so.

She claimed the boy seduced her. And she didn’t help herself by going on every talk show she could find and saying so. Sixth Judicial District Judge Kevin McKeever turned her original misdemeanor charge into a more serious crime of sexual exploitation because she kept going on show after show and wouldn’t shut her yap. Talk about dumb as a rock. But she has started a second career already… as a lap dancer. I guess stripping is more aligned with her ‘talents’ and certainly more lucrative.


From International Business Times:

A former teacher turned lap dancer who confessed to sleeping with a pupil “hundreds of times” is facing jail.

Mary Beth Haglin, 24, sent the 17-year-old student seductive images during the couple’s six-month sexual affair.

One picture included her wearing nothing but black underwear as she leant suggestively against a wall.

After she was sacked from her role as a substitute teacher at Washington High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Haglin went on to become a lap dancer, working under the stage name Bambi.

But on appearances on TV shows such as The Dr Phil Show and Inside Edition, Haglin insisted she is the victim. She said the student seduced her with post-it notes.

“He would come into my classroom, grab a Post-it, write something and stick it to my desk on his way out,” she told Inside Edition[3]. One read, “I love you so much, my empress.”

“He would always call me ‘my empress’,” she added.

Hagin said the student even compared their relationship to the classic movie The Graduate, referring to her as Mrs. Robinson – Anne Bancroft’s character. “I was completely head-over-heels,” Haglin said. Seriously? I think she was just randy… she couldn’t have possibly thought it was a serious relationship. And to put all the blame on the boy is tacky. They are both to blame, but she was the de facto adult and a teacher. Whereas the boy is guilty of being a boy, she’s guilty of a crime.

Haglin was found guilty on Friday, reported the Gazette[4], and faces two years in prison when she is sentenced in February. After the affair was uncovered, Haglin said she realized her mistake and couldn’t believe what she had done. Sorry honey, that doesn’t cut it. I have no sympathy for this woman… don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

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