Teacher Groomed Student to Be Sex Toy and Baby Daddy – Then He Did the UNTHINKABLE

Teacher Groomed Student to Be Sex Toy and Baby Daddy – Then He Did the UNTHINKABLE

Statutory rape cases between a teacher and their student typically end up with jail time… but it’s usually the teacher going to jail for their crimes. A disturbing case out of the Bronx in New York City, though, is truly shocking — both for what the teacher did to her student and then what he did in response.


Felicia Barahona reportedly groomed her student, Isaac Duran Infante, to become her lover. She started by flirting with him on Facebook, before taking him on dates in Manhattan. Once he turned 17 — the legal age of consent — they began having sex. But she refused to let him wear a condom, allegedly to trick him into getting her pregnant.

A year later, when she gave birth to their son, the school had caught on to her game and fired her. Initially, Infante said, he “embraced the idea of being a father.” In January of 2012, he moved in with Barahona, who lived with her grandmother. Barahona and Infante’s relationship didn’t last long though — he didn’t want her to take the baby out of the country to visit family. The last straw was when Grandma came home and found Infante drinking in the house. The two broke up before the baby, who was named Miguel, was born.

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Barahona said that in addition to the drinking, Infante didn’t get along with her older child, a girl. After Miguel was born, Barahona dressed the boy in pink and referred to him as a girl on Facebook. This apparently enraged Infante. Barahona and Miguel were found murdered — she was strangled with an electrical cord and Miguel drowned in the bathtub.

Infante confessed to police on Tuesday, saying that he didn’t like how she dressed his son and was angry about child support payments.

Barahona was a veteran who served in Afghanistan and was pursuing a degree in forensic science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Her eight-year-old daughter is living with her grandmother in Hell’s Kitchen. Jaime Bravo, Barahona’s brother, said the family is just trying to move on the best they can, saying he “was shocked more than anything else” by the murders. “She was shy but closed, but you can’t really blame her,” Bravo said. “She had just gone through some pretty risky things.” As of now, he said, the family is just trying to protect her daughter from the murders.

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