Teacher sees terrible marks on foster child who finally breaks down to tell the horrible story

by Sierra Marlee | April 2, 2017 4:17 pm

There is cruelty in this world that is beyond our comprehension. The fact that the victims of this horrible, evil behavior are children is absolutely unforgivable.

A young girl and her two siblings are claiming that they were abused by their aunt after their parents died in a plane crash. At 19, she’s finally telling her story and the details are horrifying.


From CKNW[2]:

One of three children alleging extreme abuse from her adoptive parents became emotional Wednesday as she described being forced to drink her own vomit.

It’s claimed the girl and her two siblings were abused by their aunt and uncle between 2010 and 2011. The aunt and uncle adopted the children in 2009, three years after their parents were killed in a car crash in the U.S. A publication ban is in place on the identities of those involved in the case, to protect the identities of the children.

Now 19 years old, the girl testified Wednesday that her aunt told her to wear adult diapers and force fed her chocolate and leftover Halloween candy, leading her to vomit more than two times.

“When I threw up, she told me I had to drink it,” she said.

Earlier, two 2011 interviews with the Calgary Police Service were played for the court, in which the girl detailed more of the abuses she and her siblings are alleged to have endured. A victim services sat with the girl as she watched the video evidence from another courtroom.

“How could she have done this to us?” The girl said in the interview video.

She went on to tell the detective she was poked with a BBQ fork, resulting in marks being left on her abdomen.

She also said her aunt would slap her in the face after not completing a school assignment, and used the flame of a BBQ lighter to inflict further abuse.

“She got out the lighter and burned my tongue,” she said.

The girl said it happened three to four times before the children were removed from the home in January 2011.

At other times, the girl said she would be hit.

“She would punch me in the stomach.”

If for any reason you ever consider harming a child, especially going to such extremes to do so, you are absolutely evil. There is no way around it. If these allegations turn out to be true, I hope this couple are sent away for the remainder of their lives.

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