Teen Arrested for Allegedly ‘Drop-Kicking a Toddler’ In a Nando’s Toilet

Teen Arrested for Allegedly ‘Drop-Kicking a Toddler’ In a Nando’s Toilet

You think that your children would be safe going out to eat at a popular, crowded restaurant. But for one mother, that turned out to be a very false sense of security, as her toddler was punched and drop-kicked inside the bathroom by a 13-year-old boy.


Mum Jade Scott had taken her two children Lilly Romain, seven, and three-year-old Ralph Cavalli to the chicken restaurant for a treat.

She said after Lilly took her little brother to the toilet, she heard a row erupting from the toilet and went to investigate. Jade claims that the older girl, who they did not know, had punched Ralph and then drop-kicked him in the face.

I was so angry at first, then I began to cry because I just couldn’t understand why someone would do that to my little boy.

It made me feel degraded to be honest and that I failed him as a mum and let someone violently abuse him.

The thought of someone harming your child like that is enough to make your heart stop. But the fact that a 13-year-old did something like this is worrying — yes, he was arrested, and rightfully so, but what is his life like at home that he is already so violent?

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