Teen Attacks Homeless Elderly Man [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | September 17, 2017 12:25 pm

This is simply wicked and monstrous. No one deserves to be treated like this man was. A homeless elderly man was sitting with his back against a wall, when he was approached by a couple of thugs. He hadn’t looked up to even see who was approaching him… he was going through his personal belongings. The thug was carrying a skateboard and at first I thought that was what he hit the man with. No, he used a plastic crate to slam the man in the head. And they thought it was funny. It’s incredibly evil.

It’s bad enough to be down on your luck, homeless and alone. To have somehow viciously assault you when you have no way of protecting yourself and you don’t see it coming, is something else altogether. He could have been killed. For all I know, that’s what they intended. What probably happened after the thugs left was that the poor man tended his head wound the best he could after these animals went off to find their next unwitting victim.


This was premeditated violence. They were looking for a homeless person to get their violence on with. They filmed it and were talking about it before they did the deed. The assailants were black and the victim was white. Wonder if that figured into this as well. They use the ‘N-bomb’ while talking, although they are hard to understand, their actions aren’t.

So, these beasts had nothing better to do with their day than hunt down a helpless homeless person who is elderly and attack him. This is entertainment to these miscreants. They aren’t entirely stupid either… they didn’t show their faces in the clip, but I’ll bet they uploaded it to their social media pages to show off to the rest of their feral pack of friends.

I really hope someone recognizes them and comes forward to turn them in for this. It’s shameful and I feel for that poor man. His only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. These are the same kind of young, militant blacks that ‘march for justice’ in the streets of the inner cities… but ‘justice’ is subjective to them and wholly dependent on skin color. They protest racism while being racists themselves, just as Antifa protests fascism, while being fascist. They don’t give a damn about real justice. They just want free stuff and all the violence they can dance with. See Black Lives Matter. This is prison-worthy.

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