‘That’s My Momma, Killing My Sister’ 7 Yr-Old Boy Recalls Most TERRIFYING Moment Of His Life…

‘That’s My Momma, Killing My Sister’ 7 Yr-Old Boy Recalls Most TERRIFYING Moment Of His Life…

Sometimes there is a story that absolutely breaks your heart into a million pieces and this is one of them. You can’t help but feel for poor little AJ.


From the Daily Mail:

The shocking moment a seven-year-old boy gave evidence that he’d seen his mother drowning his sister, which led to her being jailed for life, has left viewers in tears.

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The case of Amanda Lewis, 35, was featured in Piers Morgan’s new ITV show Killer Women, which aired last night.
Mail Online’s US editor-at-large spent an hour interviewing the Florida mother who still denies deliberately drowning her seven-year-old daughter Adrianna in the pool at their home.

And viewers took to Twitter to say they were ‘heartbroken’ and in tears as they saw AJ break down while giving evidence against his mother in court.

And although viewers were left divided over her proclamations of innocence they were united in their heartbreak for AJ.

The boy was the only witness to the crime and in court the prosecutor asked him to explain a drawing he’d done showing stick figures around the pool.

‘That’s my momma,’ he explained . ‘Killing my sister.’

When asked where his mother was, he replied that she was in jail.

But when he did realise she was sitting in front of him in the court room, the clearly confused and overwhelmed youngster burst into tears.

Viewers were moved by the youngster’s display of emotion with EvieEmpress admitting it had left her in tears.

‘I actually cried when that little boy realised his mum was in court and started crying,’ she said.

Mollykilbey added: ‘AJ crying in court absolutely broke my heart. Poor baby.’

Kirstyf27 said she felt ‘so sorry’ for AJ, while Kiéra Needham ‏was devastated by the thought of what he’d witnessed.

‘That poor little boy having to see that,’ she said.

Georgia Williams was saddened to see such a young boy forced to give evidence in court.

‘That poor little boy,’ she said. ‘Imagine having to do that at seven years old.’

Natalie Billing added: ‘Killer Women is so good. That poor little guy AJ, so heart breaking.’

Mattycampbell44 was totally convinced by AJ’s testimony, saying: ‘That little boy interview. No way he is capable of lying. She is evil.’

This is just heartbreaking. I can’t imagine that little AJ would ever be OK again. I hope his so-called mother gets the book thrown at her, because she deserves it more than anyone in the world.

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