The Good Samaritan Who Foiled A Potentially Fatal Kidnapping

If you’re looking for good news, you just came to the right place, because we’ve got a story you’ll love.

Meet 17-year old Malyk Bonnet.

Bonnet was passing by a bus stop on his way home from work and noticed an argument going on between a man and a woman that appeared as though it might descend into violence. He decided not to ignore it.

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When the man asked Bonnet for money to take the bus to Laval, Quebec, Bonnet noticed how frightened the woman seemed and formulated a plan. He decided to give the couple money for the bus trip, and told them that he also lived in Laval and would travel with them.

“My plan was to keep them in a public place, where there’s a lot of people,” Bonnet told CBC News. “I decided to make myself friendly with the man, so he would trust me. So I played my game,” Bonnet said.”

As he rode with the couple to Laval, making friendly conversation with the man — and waiting for the right opportunity to call the police — Bonnet had no way of knowing that the police were already searching for the couple.

The man was an ex-boyfriend who had already assaulted and made death threats against the young woman.

“We were looking for a 29-year-old woman who was kidnapped by her former boyfriend earlier that day, and we believed that man was very dangerous,” said Lt. Daniel Guérin of the Laval police.

Unfortunately, Bonnet’s cell phone died and he needed to find a way to make contact with the authorities. After they arrived in Laval, Bonnet offered to buy the couple a meal and even gave them $50 for food.

While in the restaurant, Bonnet pretended to go to the restroom and used another customer’s cell phone to call the police.

The Laval police arrived minutes later and arrested the kidnapper, who hadn’t even realized that it was Bonnet who turned him in.

“He was really surprised, he didn’t know that it was me,” Bonnet told the CBC. “So I played my game right.”

As her abductor was taken into custody, the woman’s relief was obvious.

“She was almost crying. She was so happy, so happy not to be with him,” said Bonnet.

So there is heroism and quick thinking left, even if we do have to go to Canada to find it.

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