There’s Nothing Wrong With The Government Shooting Looters & Rioters Down Like Dogs In The Street

There’s Nothing Wrong With The Government Shooting Looters & Rioters Down Like Dogs In The Street

Many people think of defense of a nation as the very first job of government, but there’s actually an even more basic task that the government has to fulfill: Maintaining order.

In extraordinary situations, when you have widespread breakdowns of public order and shops are being looted, cars are being burned, rocks and bottles are being thrown at police, and civilians are being murdered in the street, if the government can’t quickly re-establish order using normal means, it’s completely justified in using lethal violence to do it.

You may say this is unfair to thugs in the street, but we should be much more worried about the lives of innocent people who are being assaulted and property owners whose livelihoods are being unfairly destroyed. Haley Barbour understood this in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

“Barbour said his belief in gun rights was strengthened after Hurricane Katrina when he OK’d residents’ using guns to defend themselves against looters,” the reports. “There was a small, small number of looters’ in Mississippi. The reason, I think, was because I said people could shoot looters. I think it was a real deterrent,” Barbour opined. To which gun shop owner Ralph Demicco replied, “You’re a patriot, governor.”

This is particularly relevant, of course, because London is burning. Here’s just a little taste of what’s going on in Britain right now.

More than 150 young rioters were causing disruption in the areas of St Paul’s and Stokes Croft, the scene of rioting earlier this year amid anger over a new Tesco store.

People were warned to stay clear of the city centre as police launched efforts to bring the scenes under control.
A number of shops and vehicles have been damaged, an Avon and Somerset police spokeswoman said.

On Sunday we had some younger groups, aged 14 to 17, the profile last night changed to dramatically with older groups in cars doing organised looting. They were more focused on injuring London Ambulance staff who were trying to help, fire officers and of course police.

Shop windows were smashed and furniture hurled at officers after a social media campaign was started yesterday afternoon urging people to copy events in London.

As an estimated 200 youths, many of them hooded or masked, congregated, West Midlands police put up a half-mile exclusion zone around the Bullring shopping centre, which shut early at 6.40pm.

Kit Malthouse, the deputy Mayor of London for policing, has been on breakfast TV defending the police’s handling of the ongoing violence.

It was a very stretching night. I feel for all those people who have woken up this morning to see the charred remains of their businesses, maybe their homes… There may be some people we didn’t get to very quickly and I’m sorry for that… We have to make sure we improve the performance this evening and get even more officers out there.

In case you missed it earlier: three people have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a police officer was hit by a car in Brent, northwest London.

The police are now pushing back remain rioters off the streets. Several buildings remain alight across the city, including the huge fire at the Sony distribution centre in north east London. That warehouse is understood to be the sole distributor for most of the UK’s independent record labels and major artists such as Adele.

In the past two hours the Metropolitan Police has deployed armoured vehicles in Ealing and Clapham to clear the streets of gangs. Those on the ground are reporting scenes of devastation in Ealing Broadway. A majority of the parked cars have been torched, and many have been upturned. Every shop in Haven Green has had its windows smashed. A pneumatic claw is now demolishing the burnt-out and unsafe Carpetrite building in Tottenham.

This chilling footage shows a disorientated and bleeding teenager on the streets of London. A gang pretend to help him, and then mug him.

It goes on and on like this.

Here’s an alternative idea to letting this continue. Publicly announce that the police have been given shoot-to-kill orders. Send them to an area where a mob is looting and burning buildings and have them open fire. If there are any survivors, take them to the hospital; then photograph all the dead bodies and make sure it shows up on the news and in all the papers the next day.

After that, “miraculously,” the widespread violence, arson, and mayhem will end and the police will be able to control the streets.

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