Thugs Brutally Beat Texas Trump Supporter In Vile Hate Crime [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | December 4, 2017 3:29 pm

A man in Texas is claiming that he is the victim of a brutal hate crime where he was punched twice on the street over the weekend. This happened in Austin, Texas. Michael Temple spoke with Fox 7 to tell them his story. The two punches gave him a severe concussion and he temporarily lost his hearing in his right ear. He is a saxophonist by trade and for now, he has to stop until he is well again. Michael says he was minding his own business when he was attacked. He just prays that police find the guy before he does something even worse to somebody else. “I didn’t do anything and to have this random, random act of violence against you…like how safe would you feel after that?” said Michael Temple after he was assaulted.

Evidently, Michael was leaving the Friends Bar around 1:45 am Saturday morning. He was intent on getting to his car and going home. On the way, he passed a group of six or seven African American men. “When I was walking by them the dude said, ‘F Donald Trump’ and then just full force punched me right in the ear,” said Temple. Sounds like the knockout game to me. He fell to the ground and then got back up. Moments later, he was sucker-punched again in the back of his head. Then the men fled.


“Got back to my car, made it home thank God. That night I couldn’t hear out of my ear at all. The next day I wake up and couldn’t hear out of my ear, so I went to urgent care. She saw there was fluid behind my ear,” said Temple. He was sent to the emergency room where doctors told him he had also suffered a severe concussion. That was when Michael reported the attack to the Austin Police Department, who have listed the incident as assault with injury. “To me, honestly, I think it’s a hate crime. Why would you say ‘F Donald Trump’ and hit me? If you just hit me and didn’t say anything… but am I associated with Donald Trump because, does white mean you’re associated with Donald Trump? I didn’t vote for him, I don’t stand for anything he believes in,” said Temple.

This man has played the saxophone for over 30 years. Politics isn’t his thing. To be randomly attacked because you are white and therefore a Trump supporter is just evil. “Playing as a musician, not being able to hear out of my right ear and just because of pressure, it will be painful for me to play. Like I can’t play at all right now. It’s very frustrating because it’s what I love, it’s my hobby, it’s like my passion. To have that taken away from you, hopefully it’s not permanently,” said Temple.

Temple’s attacker is a dark-skinned African American, around 6’2 in height, between 24 and 25 years old and wearing dark clothing. He’s hoping someone saw something or knows who attacked him. Maybe some business around there has surveillance footage. “He hit me hard enough to give me a concussion, he could kill somebody else,” said Temple. Actually, Temple is lucky to be alive. A number of people don’t survive the knockout game.

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