Thugs who robbed famous dwarf finally jailed for sick crimes, but there’s just one catch

Thugs who robbed famous dwarf finally jailed for sick crimes, but there’s just one catch

Life is hard enough when you’re smaller than the average person, but to be targeted in such a horrible way? After you’ve already suffered life-altering injuries?

There is absolutely a special place in hell for people like this.

While out celebrating his 37th birthday, Martin Henderson suffered spinal injuries as the result of being “dwarf tossed” by a drunken rugby fan. The English team was blamed for the sick “prank” after a local newspaper published a photo of the group engaging in similar behavior.

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Martin had played a goblin in the Harry Potter movies and was mentioned by Game of Thrones star and fellow dwarf Peter Dinklage during an acceptance speech at the 2012 Golden Globes.

‘I want to mention a gentleman I’m thinking about in England. His name is Martin Henderson. Google him.’

Henderson went on to befriend 35 year-old Adam Rowe, who sold him a couch. After Martin realized he couldn’t keep up with the payments, he began avoiding Rowe.

Enlisting the help of his friend Robert Davies, Rowe went to Henderson’s home and kidnapped the man, demanding that he take them to an ATM for the remainder of the money owed.

At this time, Henderson was 42 and was forced to drive the thugs to the machine in his specially-fitted vehicle. He was fortunately able to give them the slip after they exited the vehicle.

After being arrested for their crimes, Rowe and Davies were tried. Prosecutor Nikki Coombe laid out the horrific nature of their actions.

Prosecuting, Nikki Coombe said: ‘Mr Henderson stood at only four-feet and six inches and had a number of medical problems, including spinal difficulties.

‘He considered Rowe a friend – he had met him around nine months before – and had bought a sofa from him for £120, which he was paying him back for.

‘But he got into financial difficulties and had been having trouble making the payments.’

She said that Martin had heard of Rowe’s violent reputation and began avoiding him and refused to answer the door to him.

He woke in the dead of night on February 17 to find Rowe and Davies in his bedroom, one pinning him down to the bed by his neck before he was punched in the head.

The judge in the case was appalled by their atrocious behavior stating that the men “targeted Mr Henderson, a man of short stature and one of your neighbours.” He also called it the “drunken bullying of a vulnerable man.”

Rowe received a 4-year, 10-month sentence for robbery and Davies was facing four years until he was caught in prison with illegal property, for which he received an additional eight months.

The catch of this whole thing? Martin Henderson died in December of 2016 and was never able to see his attackers receive the justice they deserved.

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