Tony Moreno, Suicidal Father Appears in Court After Jumping of Bridge with Infant

by McGuire | July 22, 2015 1:08 pm

A man accused of throwing his infant son off a bridge and into the Connecticut River has made his first court appearance, with his attorney asking for more time to prepare for a pre-trial hearing. Of course you need more time. Your client ‘allegedly’ murdered a BABY and provided mounds of evidence against himself. What a selfish pile of crap. Best of luck, counselor[1]:


Public defender James McKay requested a waiver of the time limit to hold a probable cause hearing, which will determine if there is enough evidence to bring the murder case against the 21-year-old Middletown man to trial.

Moreno has been held in a state Department of Correction medical unit under suicide watch since jumping from the Arrigoni Bridge into the Connecticut River in Middletown on July 5, shortly after police say he threw seven-month-old Aaden Moreno off the bridge.

The judge on Tuesday continued Tony Moreno’s case to September 15.

He spoke only briefly in court, indicating he understood his attorney’s request.

The baby’s body was recovered from the water two days after Moreno allegedly threw him from the bridge.

Officers said Aaden Moreno’s body was found by a swing bridge near East Haddam, around 15 miles from where his father jumped from the Arragoni Bridge.

Moreno survived the plunge and was taken to hospital in a serious but stable condition.

Court papers previously revealed Moreno’s partner, Adrianne Oyola, 19, who lives in Middletown, applied for a restraining order against him, saying he threatened to make their son ‘disappear’.

According to court papers obtained by the Hartford Courant, Oyola successfully applied for the order on June 17, saying Moreno had been mentally and physically abusive, as well as threatening the safety of her son.

She said: ‘He [Moreno] has told me he could make my son disappear any time of the day.

‘He told me how he could make me disappear, told me how he could kill me.

‘I sometimes am scared to sleep.

‘He told me he would put me in the ground and put something on me to make me disintegrate faster.’

Oyola also revealed how Moreno would call her names, slap, push and hit her, and would often pull up outside her house in his car and watch her.

However, on June 29, a week before the boy died, another judge overturned the order, saying Moreno posed no ‘imminent threat’ to either Oyola or her child.

In his ruling, Judge Barry C. Pinkus said: ‘I think the two of you don’t have a good relationship. I’m just not convinced that there’s a continuous threat of present physical pain of physical injury.’

These may be disturbing to some, but the full, unedited text exchange during Aaeden’s final moments can be read here[4].

I hope this waste of human life gets EXACTLY what he deserves in jail, and gets to live through it again, and again, and again. I hope he has nightmares about killing his son every day, never forgetting his face. Honestly, there would never be a suitable punishment in my mind to bring justice to Aaeden’s memory. Knowing there is a special place in hell waiting for him is about the only thing I would deem close to deserving.

Rest in Peace, Angel Aaeden.

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