Turnstile Jumping Okay in New York

Turnstile Jumping Okay in New York

Good news for fare-beaters on the New York subway system. It has been discovered that enforcing the law against jumping turnstiles disadvantages the poor:

The movement to stop prosecuting subway fare-beaters, announced recently by the Manhattan district attorney and soon to be adopted in Brooklyn, must be expanded citywide, public defenders argue. …

Advocates say arresting turnstile jumpers unfairly disadvantages the city’s poor population.

Furthermore, Tina Luongo of Legal Aid proclaims that enforcing the law against turnstile jumping harms people who are in the country illegally. Therefore, such laws must no longer be enforced.

Laws against petty theft also discriminate against the poor. Laws against drunk driving discriminate against illegal aliens, who are infamously prone to this behavior. These laws won’t be enforced for long either, if we degenerate much deeper into liberal lunacy.

Enforcing the law might also be racist.

On a tip from Sean C. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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