Two Children Use A Public Bathroom But When Only ONE Returns – Father Reacts IMMEDIATELY…

Two Children Use A Public Bathroom But When Only ONE Returns – Father Reacts IMMEDIATELY…

This story is just as relevant today as it was last August when it happened. In fact, more so. Now that people can use restrooms in certain places according to whatever gender they feel like that day, we have added incentive not to let our children (of any age) go to the restroom alone. Two little boys in Florida, ages 6 and 7 had to go to the bathroom. Their mother and father had them on the buddy system, so they went together. The older boy returned without his brother and the father rushed to the bathroom to find out why. He saw a black man leaving the stall where his 6 year-old was… the man was zipping up his pants. The man fled and the father followed, but the guy got away. Police found him hiding in a dumpster. He was a homeless man wanted on possession charges. Now, he is charged with sexual molestation of a child as well.


From the Conservative Tribune:

A Florida mother and father learned the most horrible way possible why little kids should always be escorted when they use a public bathroom.

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The mother, father and their two boys were dining at a McDonald’s in Jacksonville last August when their two sons — one six years of age, the other seven — went to the bathroom together as per the “buddy system.”

Unfortunately, the system did not work. Moments later, the older boy returned to the table by himself. This troubled the boy’s parents, so his father then walked to the bathroom himself to check on his younger boy, according to The Florida Times-Union.

It’s not clear exactly what the man did to the boy, but the police said after a medical review, it is clear a sexual assault occurred. Keith Andre Sykes was reportedly not a suspect in any other sexual assaults that had taken place in the area. Many of these animals are just waiting for a child that is unaccompanied and alone to go after them. Many times it is little boys, but now with open bathrooms, girls and women will now be at risk as well. You never know where a sexual predator will strike or when. You’d be surprised how often it is someone you would least expect. Never leave your children unattended. It’s a brave new world out there.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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