UFC Fighters Travis Browne And Ronda Rousey HUNTED Down Punks Who Burglarized Their Home!

UFC Fighters Travis Browne And Ronda Rousey HUNTED Down Punks Who Burglarized Their Home!

Thieves picked the wrong house to rip off recently in Venice, California. Ronda Rousey and her now fiance UFC star Travis Browne came home to pack on their way to New Zealand where Travis was going to pop the question. I believe he wanted the blessing of Ronda’s mother. When they got to their house, they found that somebody had broken in and had been squatting in the house. But that’s not all… they ripped off a whole bunch of stuff. They took Ronda’s jewelry, all her guns and her headphones, along with other items. Among the jewelry taken were her Olympic gold rings. Travis devised a plan to track the thieves down.

They have security cameras on the property and they went over the tapes. Travis and Ronda deduced the criminals were skateboarders and figuring they weren’t too bright, that they would be hanging out at the nearby park. And they were. In fact, some of their stolen stuff was there as well. Travis is imposing… he’s 6 ft. 7 in. and weighs 260 pounds. He’s a fighting machine. You can imagine the shock of the punks when he found them. “I was standing there, and they saw me, and I was eyeballing them,” he told TMZ Sport. Bladder time.

From the Daily Mail:

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UFC star Travis Browne has revealed how he tracked down the burglars that raided his and girlfriend Ronda Rousey’s home.

Rousey, and her boyfriend Browne, had returned to their home in Venice, California, to find her Olympic gold rings, guns, jewelry, and more missing. She also noticed that it looked like someone had been sleeping in one of their beds.

When they reviewed their home surveillance footage, they found they’d been burgled. After noticing some of the intruders had skateboards, Browne set off to the local skatepark where he caught up with the alleged thieves.

The 6’7 professional Ultimate Fighter champion exercised some extraordinary self control when he found them.

Can you imagine ticking these two off? Bad, bad move. Travis thunderously considered flattening them: “I was staring at them like, ‘You motherf**kers!’ You’re lucky that I have the [self-control] to not beat the dog sh*t out your a**!” He’s too smart to give them a pounding, but he did get the police to take them in. Browne, 34, a heavyweight UFC fighter, said he also realized that these kids had possession of their stolen guns. So, that also gave him pause. Travis spotted a couple of cops at the park and went over to report the burglary. He showed them clips from their surveillance footage. Within a couple of hours, police had made several arrests. At least one of the suspects is still in jail.

These nitwits knew that was Ronda Rousey’s house. How stone stupid do you have to be to break in there and not realize you are on video or what would happen to you if she came home? The funny part here is that the police actually asked Travis what kind of punishment he thought the kids deserved. “I was like, ‘How about give me five minutes with him alone?'” Two of the suspects are 21 year-old Zhamila Bolat and 20 year-old Alim Young. They’ve been arrested for burglary, but haven’t been formally charged yet.

Thankfully, Rousey’s Olympic medal was not taken. But that led to the arrest of these punks. They picked up the case that held the medal and left their fingerprints on it. Smart. Ronda and Travis have not gotten all of their stuff back yet. I hope they do and I wish them a very happy and long marriage. They have now upped their security… which makes for a great wedding present.

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