VIDEO: Elderly white woman is body slammed & hurled into swimming pool for asking teens to quiet down

by Sierra Marlee | May 8, 2017 7:38 pm

While out on a walk with her two dogs, an older woman noticed that there was a very loud party going on. She politely asked if the group could keep it down, which seems like a reasonable request, right?

Apparently these animals didn’t think so.


After asking if the group of party-goers could keep their noise down, a man in a red shirt picked her up and promptly body slammed her. It was unclear whether that was the intended motion, or whether he slipped with her in his arms. Either way, it was a disgusting move.

When he got up, he picked the woman up by her shirt and leg and threw her into the pool. As the revelers scattered, he managed to avoid getting wet.

Watch the horrifying video below:

It is unknown whether the woman was injured by the fall or being thrown in the pool, or where this incident took place, but what’s clear is that all of these people, even those not involved in actually handling the woman, need to be brought up on charges. Who watches their friend assault a woman who simply asked for their noise to be brought down to a reasonable level and is okay with it?

This was absolutely unnecessary and nobody, let alone an older woman, should be treated this way. I guess having respect for your elders is out of style now, given that everyone thinks it is cool to treat the elderly like garbage waiting to be taken out, but I for one can’t believe that anyone could act like this.

Let’s hope that the police can find out who these horrible people are and throw them in jail for a nice long time. I also hope that the woman wasn’t injured in the scuffle. If you’re the praying type, could you send a few her way?

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