VIDEO: She left her child to die in a hot car…while she had her hair braided for 5 hours

VIDEO: She left her child to die in a hot car…while she had her hair braided for 5 hours

There is a special place in hell for people who neglect their children and allow them to die. The blatant lack of any sort of regard for the safety of someone you carried in your body for nine months, nurtured, cared for (I assume) and loved for a full year of their life is sickening.

The fact that a mother can leave her child in a vehicle for an extended period of time while she gets her hair done is something that I can’t wrap my head around. I’m not a mother, but I wouldn’t even leave a dog or cat in my car if I were leaving it at some point. I couldn’t imagine voluntarily leaving a child in a car. I just could not do it.

25 year-old Dijanelle Fowler has been charged with the second-degree murder of her one year-old daughter, whom she left in her vehicle while at a salon.

The prosecutor in the case said there is absolutely no doubt that the child perished as a result of the rising heat in the vehicle on June 15th. Tests prove that the temperature rose to 129 degrees, with a heat index of 150 degrees.

Fowler was in the salon getting her hair braided for five-and-a-half hours and told the person doing her hair that there was “no rush” in finishing.

She was in South Carolina for a job interview and allegedly told the employees at the salon that her child was at daycare, but when a relative stopped by, she told them that her daughter was with a friend. Later, after being arrested, she said that she left the car running with the A/C on. While the police said that was their understanding of the situation, the prosecutor said that there is no evidence that this was in fact the case.

The defense attorney said that it’s clear the A/C was on, because the car’s battery died and Fowler needed a jump to get her vehicle started. During that meeting, Fowler was calm and didn’t seem concerned by anything, though she later drove to the Emory University Hospital.

The child’s father, Louis Williams II, was deployed to the Middle East at the time of the child’s death, but when he arrived back in the states, he claims that Fowler admitted to him that she had left her child in the car while she got her hair done.

While he claims he forgave her for killing their child, he joined the prosecution in calling for a denial of bail. Judge Kiesha R. Storey decided to deny bail to Fowler, calling her a “flight risk.”

This “mom” deserves to have the book thrown at her. No, actually, she deserves an entire library dropped on her head.

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