VIDEO: Two Thugs Thoughts They’d Beat Up A Homeless Man, And Then This Happened…

by Scott McKay | December 10, 2015 3:04 pm

We love the unexpected justice videos. Here’s the latest one…


Bullying takes place every single day, and sometimes those being bullied end up hurt either physically or emotionally.

Today we have an example of what happens when a bully gets a taste of his own medicine.

A couple of punks were picking on a homeless man outside of a convenience store when they were confronted by a “Good Samaritan.” What happens next will make any bully think twice about picking on someone.

Warning – the video has some language in it which isn’t the best…


A Street THUG Is CAUGHT ON TAPE Harassing An ELDERLY HOMELESS MAN . . . And A Good Samaritan Comes By . . . And SETS HIM STRAIGHT!!! (Did The Good Samaritan . . . GO TOO FAR??)

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