Violent Mob Forces Cops To Shut Down “Patriotic Picnic”

Here we go again. This time at San Diego’s Chicano Park on Sunday afternoon, a violent confrontation erupted. A pro-Trump group of fewer than a dozen people held a ‘Patriot Picnic’ in the public space when an angry mob of several hundred people descended on them. The patriots were there to eat lunch at Barrio Logan Park before going on a tour of the murals there. Roger Ogden, who was one of the organizers, said that an email campaign had been initiated to get the artwork removed from the park. As you can imagine the artwork is nationalistic in nature — for Mexico. It pro-illegal alien, anti-border wall and anti-Trump.

Word spread about the tour and a counter-demonstration called the Solidarity Gathering at Chicano Park, was also organized. Hundreds of people showed up for it. There was a massive police presence in the park to head off violence. Both the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) were in attendance. They blocked off numerous routes, including a freeway off-ramp, as a precaution to maintain order.

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The Solidarity Gathering was brought together by “a Facebook event for the gathering … organized in response to reports that a group of people planned to visit the park Sunday as part of a scouting expedition in response to Confederate monuments being removed across the country.” So, patriots figuring that if you are going to remove Confederate statues for being racist, you should remove these murals in this park because they are racist as well. Makes sense to me.

The “Patriot Picnic” tour was shown on YouTube as a group of a half dozen or so people gathered around a picnic table that is painted the colors of the Mexican flag on an unoccupied side of the park, sandwiched between a busy road and the freeway. They were eating a pizza lunch. One of the patriots started filming the murals and doing commentary. That’s when the police formed a line along the sidewalk as the mob of counter-protesters started getting increasingly agitated.

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Suddenly, within minutes, the patriot group was totally surrounded by hundreds of angry mob members. Many were wearing brown berets and waving Mexican and Communist flags, while filming with phones and trading insults with the pro-Trump demonstrators. After the police formed a human barrier, they were forced to retreat from their own line as the mob surged across the street. Approximately two dozen officers surrounded the patriot group to protect them from the Chicano communists. Good thing, because they could have easily killed someone.

This park has always been a hotbed of Latino/communist activism. It started in the 1970s. They made the news recently because of a mural depicting an ICE agent choking a Mexican worker. It’s a powder keg just waiting to explode. The Chicano communists accused the patriots of promoting hate. I fail to see how eating pizza and videoing a mural does that. Seems to me the hate is entirely on the other side.

After about 15 minutes, the pro-Trump activist group was ordered by SDPD to leave the park and the entire group was escorted through the crowd, taunted by counter-demonstrators shouting “Nazis go home” and “Racists go home.” This isn’t going to end well. Free speech is being shut down by these fascists all over the place these days. Even the media labeled these people as white supremacists. I highly doubt they were. They were for a border wall and they support the President… but leave it to the media to gin up even more hatred and division.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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