WARNING: This Video Is The Manifesto Of The Virgin Killer Who Murdered Six In Santa Barbara

by John Hawkins | May 27, 2014 4:59 am

Since I’m a psych major and love studying why people do what they do, it seems like I get asked the “why” question every time some nut goes on a rampage and murders people. Usually, because these people tend to be deranged loners, it’s impossible to really answer the question. After all, how do you look at incomprehensible, needless violence and hear from a few neighbors who say he was “quiet and kept to himself” and then piece it all together? Of course, you don’t.


Of course with Elliot Rodger, the “virgin killer” who stabbed his three roommates to death and then shot a man and two women, we don’t have to guess because he tells us in his own words. One day before he started killing people, he posted this video.

If that video isn’t enough and you want more, you can read 140 pages of his deranged whining here.

Elliot Rodger, Santa Barbara mass shooting suspect, "My Twisted World" manifesto

Want my analysis?

This is a wealthy, intelligent, decent looking guy who strikes out with women and doesn’t get along with other men. Rather than reach the obvious conclusion, that he’s misogynistic, narcissistic and mentally disturbed, he blamed everyone else….and boy did he blame everyone else. This is a guy who was still nursing major grievances over things that happened when he was 12. The women who didn’t want to sleep with him are cruel. The men who succeeded with women or didn’t want to be his friends are mean. Other human beings are essentially objects to him. Their lives mean absolutely nothing to him outside of how they make him feel.

Rodger had been getting treated by therapists since he was 9. The police had also visited him after seeing previous videos he’d done. His parents knew he was dangerous. Should he have been committed at some point? The answer obviously seems to be “yes,” but that’s a lot easier to say after he’s gone on a killing spree than before.

Realistically, if you want to stop killings like this, we need to be much quicker to institutionalize deranged people like Rodger. But, it’s worth remembering that most people, even the ones that are severely disturbed, don’t hurt anybody. So, how many people are we willing to commit to stop the next virgin killer?

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