BREAKING: Washington Mall Muslim Shooting Suspect CAPTURED!!

by Frank Lea | September 25, 2016 1:27 am

It was just a normal day at the mall for most people. Guys sitting on a bench falling asleep while their wife buys everything, women trying on 50 pairs of shoes and buying all of them, elderly people taking a stroll and teenagers acting cool and growing zits.

Then all hell broke loose when a 20 year-old came to the Cascade Mall in Washington State and shot up a few stores. He killed five people and escaped.

Authorities captured him tonight. They have not released his identity nor his motive. It’s possible this was a terror attack[1], but also possible that it had nothing to do with terror. This could be another case of a student who was bullied and wasn’t ever taught how to fight back with words, fists or lawsuits. This could be a random terror plot with links to future attacks. Or it could be some 20 year-old who hates everyone. We will find out more as the information is released after investigations and interrogations.

We don’t have a motive nor a name, just information that the shooter is a 20 year-old Turkish Muslim.


IJR[2] – Police on Saturday released blurry surveillance images of the suspect after the deadly attack at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington, but didn’t speculate on a motive or reveal his identity.Police said the shooter, identified only as a Hispanic male, entered a Macy’s store unarmed — only to return minutes later with a rifle. He opened fire on innocent mall patrons, killing five people.

What’s the point of this senseless crime? You know right away when you arrive at the mall with a shooting rifle that it’s not going to be a good day. Even if you temporarily escape, the police will always capture you.

Trekking around the mall and shooting random people makes no sense. If you’re having those thoughts, then call someone and get help.

Killing random people is greedy and anyone who does it is a bad person.

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