WATCH: Betsy DeVos BLOCKED, HARASSED by angry crowd while visiting D.C. school! [VIDEO]

WATCH: Betsy DeVos BLOCKED, HARASSED by angry crowd while visiting D.C. school! [VIDEO]

WOW! These haters really are low lives. They are celebrating that they kept DeVos from entering a school (which they didn’t)…who is still the Secretary of Education people? That’s right… DeVos. So exactly what do they think they accomplished? Nothing.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ plans to visit Jefferson Middle School in Washington, DC ran into a wall of raging protesters. Yes, protesters…again. Does no one have a job to get to or a family to take care of?

She was confirmed to head the U.S. Department of Education earlier this week and since then things have gone from bad to worse when it comes to all these little annoying people who think they are standing for something, but stand for nothing at all but chaos and hate.

She was seen exiting from Jefferson Middle School and quickly making her way to her car when she was confronted by protesters. You can’t stop and talk to them because they aren’t even civil. They are barely even human at this point…

“Keep giving money to senators and buying your way to the position,” one protester said in the video. “You should be so proud of yourself.”

“Go back! Shame! Shame! Shame!” the protester continued yelling as DeVos was escorted into the backseat of a car by staff.

DeVos — the billionaire heiress of the Amway dynasty — was widely seen as President Trump’s least qualified cabinet appointee. DeVos has never taught in or been the principal of any public schools, and has said in the past that she aims to influence government-funded schools with curriculum rooted in Christian fundamentalist principles to “advance God’s kingdom.”

According to campaign finance data, 22 of the 50 Republican senators who voted for DeVos received a combined $894,350 from DeVos, who has personally donated over $4 million of her wealth to the Republican Party. One of DeVos’ most notorious statements was in a 1997 article for Roll Call magazine, where she responded to accusations about using her money to buy political influence.

“I have decided to stop taking offense at the suggestion that we are buying influence,” DeVos wrote. “I simply concede the point. They are right. We do expect something in return. We expect to foster a conservative governing philosophy consisting of limited government and respect for traditional American virtues. We expect a return on our investment.”

“Advancing God’s kingdom”…putting Christian values back into public school? If there’s any way to get a fire lit under a liberal, that would be it.

Pray for DeVos and our President and our country. The devil has the power to bruise our heels, but we have the power to crush his head.

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