White Man Kidnapped By Black Gang & Forced To Say F**k Donald Trump, F**k white People [VIDEO]

White Man Kidnapped By Black Gang & Forced To Say F**k Donald Trump, F**k white People [VIDEO]

This story has just dropped and it’s hitting Americans like a TRUCK! This shocking video is going to show you what is happening out there with the plague of race-baiting hatred that Obama and the likes of him have nurtured through their refusal to be real leaders.


This is real and it’s raw, and you can bet your ass this is NOT going to be covered by the mainstream media. Not only will they not cover it, but they are going to bury it.

Which is why you have us.

In this video that was uploaded to Facebook live yesterday by username: Brittany Herring (remember her name), you will see exactly what Obama’s America breeds.

Savage, hate filled, ignorant tyrants…

Multiple black thugs gagged a white boy and in the video you can see that he also has a gash to his head that is bleeding. While terrorizing him and beating this poor guy down, they force him to say “F**k Donald Trump and F**k white people” as he is very obviously in fear for his life.

The boy is gagged, humiliated and abused by these pieces of trash, and as the victim is being repeatedly kicked and they force him to do their will.

Here is the footage that one of the female thugs recorded… warning you, you will feel the urge to slap the smile off her face.

I couldn’t even get through the whole video. The worse thing about this is that those are kids. They aren’t grown-ups who had an awful past and lots of mental issues because of their up-bringing that turned them into cold hearted criminals.

They aren’t seeking revenge on the boy for something awful he had done to them.

None of that… they plucked him out of nowhere and with smiles on their faces beat him down, tortured and humiliated him. He didn’t know if he was going to live or not, he felt all the anguish that comes with not knowing if you are going to live through the day.

What the hell kind of distorted behavior is that? That’s what Obama’s America is breeding. Hatred is being burned into the hearts of our youth…because the adults want to be whiny, dramatic asshats who refuse to choose right from wrong because of…. ‘tolerance’ ?!?!

It’s wrong.

They think the color of their skin entitles them to do this kind of crap because their feelings are hurt?

You reap what you sow. Period.

Pigmen-freaking-tation is NOT what defines you or your worth. If you think your life is lousy, it’s your fault. If you feel like you can’t get ahead in this world, it’s because you’re not trying enough. Period.

These angry liberals that just feel so entitled because things are unfair…need to go slap themselves. Trump won because he worked for the win and they need to build a bridge and get the hell over it already.

As for the ‘white man’ comment…

It only proves that these monsters aren’t actually human. They are nothing but scum of the earth that have just found a way to take human form.

After all this, I am happy to report that all of the thugs involved are currently in custody and under investigation.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer they have a hard time getting over this…which means the world needs to see what they did.

You know what to do next, right?

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