White Supremacists At Stormfront React To The Sikh Temple Shooting

Back in the day, Right Wing News used to semi-regularly cover the loopiness that cranks, conspiracy theorists, and white supremacists spewed out on the web. At the time, it seemed like a fun diversion from politics, but since then, a lot of the same wackiness has been getting more play in mainstream politics (See Jerome Corsi, Louis Farrakhan, The Bush let/caused 9/11 to happen crowd, the North American Union conspiracy, Alex Jones, Al Sharpton, Infowars, The New Black Panther Party, etc., etc.) When the wackos move off the sidelines into the game, it’s not as much fun.

Still, after white supremacist Wade M. Page shot up the Sikh temple, I wondered, “How would white supremacists react?” Would they be thrilled he did it? Would they approve of the ends, but not the means? Would they be worried about blowback?

I was curious; so I headed over to Stormfront, which is a huge white power forum (Link to their Alexa page) to see what the sort of people who’d have applauded Wade M. Page’s white power music would actually think of what he did.

Now, before we get started, here are some of the things most recently posted in threads at the time I’m putting this together.

* What to do with the Jews once we have won?
* Inventions by the Nazis?
* United Klans of America Still around?
* How to respond to being called a Nazi?
* Zero Tolerance for Homosexuals
* conserving the white race and conserving nature
* White Medal Winners

I think that gives you a pretty good idea of the sort of dirtbags that you’ll find at Stormfront. But, what would said dirtbags think of Wade M. Page? Here are some representative quotes…

MisanthroPunk: I’ll say this about him: his band, End Apathy, wasn’t bad. It was a decent Hatecore band. He should have concentrated on that instead of this self-defeating act which only serves the intersts of WN’s enemies, not WNs themselves.

Rob157: I do not think this was an isolated event of a lone nutcase. I am willing to wager the shooter was an expedable torpedo.

One of the victims of the shooting was the father of Armadeep Kaleka, who is in the process of making a very contoversial expose film of a government coverup. This cannot be stressed enough.

In this event the zog has got thier dream-come-true:

1) An event they can call “domestic terrorism”
2) Demonize White males
3) Demonize firearms
4) Demonize Veterans

moonflower994: I think it’s terrible what happened to the Sikhs… Sure I want them in their own homeland but they didn’t deserve that..

JoeyJoeJoe: But then why kill Sikhs? Killing a bunch of elderly Sikhs who are praying in a temple on a Sunday morning is like beating the s*** out of the scrawniest and quietest kid in the room who goes home to an abusive family everyday, when the guy who raped your girlfriend is sitting right beside you and you do nothing to him. There’s so many legitimate enemies, it’s just so stupid to pick Sikhs.

Terrabus: In a related story, several gas stations and convenience stores in the Milwaukee area have put out Help Wanted signs.

Popper504: Violence will have to be used somewhere down the road in order to achieve our goals IMO. But not at this time, and not like this. this guys should have kept safe and used his brain. Did not accomplish a damned thing

Charles Wolfanger: From what I understand, the idiot who committed the shooting had a “9/11 tattoo.” Which is a pretty good indicator that he fell for the Jewish neocon “YUUUU-ESSS-AY!!!!!111” line hook, line and sinker. Morons like this are why many of us here try so hard to break so-called ‘WNs’ out of the Jewish neocon brainwashing.

holyroman4eternity: If only….This is beginning to look pretty serious, my friend.

Sikhs need to return to their homeland, but not in boxes for God’s sake.

Being civilized, even cooly scientific in our application of violence, was part of what used to seperate us from these inferior breeds, who often slaughter each other like crazed demoniacs…..

Despite some of the dumb and gross comments above, there were only a handful of “Rah, rah, we’re glad Page killed all those Sikhs” quips. So, they were few and far between and were strongly condemned by the other members. Of course, it was also clear from the posts that they were VERY AWARE that the media might be scanning their comments. Take that as you will.

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