Woman Drowns Three Month Old Puppy in Airport Toilet When She’s Told It’s Not Allowed on the Plane

by Sierra Marlee | August 1, 2015 4:02 pm

57-year-old Cynthia Anderson[1] tried to take a 3-month-old Doberman puppy on a flight out of a Nebraska airport on January 23rd. After she was told that the pup was too young to be allowed on the flight, she allegedly drowned it in a bathroom toilet.


From The Daily Mail[3]:

A Florida woman has been given two years probation for drowning a three-week-old puppy in a Nebraska airport toilet.

Cynthia Anderson, 57, of Florida, was barred from boarding a January 23 flight at the Central Nebraska Regional Airport because the puppy was so young and was not properly contained.

Authorities say she then was seen entering the restroom and another woman soon reported finding the Doberman puppy dead in a toilet.

Anderson was sentenced on Thursday in Hall County District Court in Grand Island, and also received a five year ban on owning or living with animals and was ordered to pay $100 in restitution.

‘It’s disappointing. I have to say that from the Central Nebraska Humane Society we’re very proud of the work our Animal Control officers did,’¬†Laurie Dethloff, the Executive Director of Central Nebraska Humane Society told NBC Nebraska.

During Thursday’s hearing, Anderson apologized for her actions and pleaded for mercy and probation.

‘I am so very sorry, gravely sorry. I am scared to death and ill because of it,’¬†Anderson read in a statement.

She pleaded no contest in May to cruelly neglecting an animal, resulting in its death.

During Thursday’s hearing, Anderson apologized for her actions and pleaded for mercy and probation

A no contest plea is not an admission of guilt, however it is treated as such for sentencing.

Police said the Edgewater resident tried to board a flight out of the Nebraska airport in January with two small Yorkies in crates and three young puppies.

Following U.S. flight regulations, workers at the airport barred Anderson from boarding her flight because dogs younger than eight weeks old are not allowed to fly.

‘Their eyes weren’t even open,’ Grand Island Police Captain Dean Elliott said in an earlier report.

Anderson handed off two of the puppies to her parents who live in western Nebraska, and tried to board a flight the next day with the two older dogs in cages and the remaining puppy which she tried to hide in her carry-on bag.

It was when airport security caught her trying to smuggle the dog again that Anderson drowned the puppy in a bathroom.

Anderson was arrested after police interviewed ‘numerous witnesses’ – including the woman who discovered the dead dog in the bathroom.

An autopsy on the puppy was conducted at the Humane Society, and water was found in one of the dog’s lungs.

This is absolutely evil. I hope that flight was worth it.

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