Woman wakes up on plane to find pervert covering her in body lotion and whispering that he loved her

Woman wakes up on plane to find pervert covering her in body lotion and whispering that he loved her

A New Jersey woman who was molested while she slept by a male passenger on a 13-hour flight testified Monday in court about the shocking incident where she woke up to find that her body and private parts were covered with hand lotion. Just disgusting.


From the Daily Mail:

The 25-year-old victim recounted the horrifying incident that took place on an Emirates flight from Dubai to Kennedy Airport last October.

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The woman, who is only known to the jury by her first name, Stephanie, had to identify the dress and the thong underwear she had been wearing as well as the bottle of Nivea lotion during court on Monday, The New York Daily News reported.

Nadeem Memhood Quraishi has been charged with sexual contact without consent and could be deported back to Pakistan if he is convicted.

Stephanie, who had taken an anti-anxiety medication after boarding the plane and fell asleep, said that Quraishi sat in the seat next to her on her right side.

She testified that ‘I love you, you’re pretty’ was whispered in her ear before she woke up. He also asked her if she had ‘slept well.’

‘My entire body felt sticky. I could smell the lotion,’ she testified in Brooklyn Federal Court according to the Daily News. ‘I was shocked. My heart dropped into my stomach.’

She immediately got up and went to the bathroom on the plane, where she noticed that her thong had been pushed aside as lotion covered her shoulders, breasts, arms, inner thighs, calves and vagina.

In addition, she said that her ‘vaginal area was sore’, according to court filings.

When she returned to her seat, the woman asked Quraishi where her lotion was. When the man handed her to bottle, she alerted the crew that something happened to her while she slept.

The court documents stated that when flight attendants asked Quraishi about what happened, he allegedly admitted to rubbing lotion on his fellow passenger’s ‘arms, shoulders, and legs, and used the lotion in her vaginal area.’

The 42-year-old Staten Island man, who reportedly manages a Subway eatery, allegedly told the cabin crew he thought the woman ‘needed it’ and ‘enjoyed it.’

‘The defendant also told the flight attendants that he liked it and that it happened to him as a child,’ the complaint read.

During the court session, his defense lawyer Mark Macron questioned Stephanie about the medication she had taken on the flight and how it was possible for his client to rub lotion on her body while she wore a belted dress, was covered by a blanket and had her seat belt on.

However, Gunjon Mangia, a flight attendant working during the flight, testified on the stand that Quraishi admitted that he applied the lotion on the victim’s body, the Daily News reported.

‘When I asked him why he did such a thing, he said, ‘Well, I thought she needed it and she didn’t offer any resistance so I thought she enjoyed it,” Mangia said in court.

WOW. What would you do if this happened to your wife, girlfriend or daughter? What about yourself? Do you think that this man was outrageous? What do you think of the airline crew ignoring this? Sound off in the comments below!

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