Young Girl GANG RAPED by Mob of Chicago Thugs on Facebook Live

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | March 21, 2017 2:49 pm

I think there is[1] a gate to hell in Chicago that we’ve overlooked. Five or six men or boys raped a 15 year-old girl live on Facebook in Chicago with an audience of approximately 40 viewers. None of whom notified the police. The only way they found out is the girl’s mother reported her missing after seeing the horrific footage. She gave it to police Superintendent Eddie Johnson late yesterday. It made him sick to his stomach. They did find the girl alive and reunited her with her mother. That was a miracle all by its lonesome.

Facebook has since taken down the video. There is so much evil in Chicago now and elsewhere that this is somehow entertainment to these freaks. This is the second time in months that the department has investigated an apparent attack that was streamed live on Facebook. In January, four people were arrested after a cellphone footage showed them allegedly taunting and beating a mentally disabled man. That was another horrific incident and now this. What the hell (literally) is going on in Chicago? Death everywhere and violent torture and rape seem to be the norm there these days.


From the AP:

CHICAGO (AP) — A 15-year-old Chicago girl was apparently sexually assaulted by five or six men or boys on Facebook Live, and none of the roughly 40 people who watched the live video reported the attack to police, authorities said Tuesday.

Police only learned of the attack when the girl’s mother approached police Superintendent Eddie Johnson late Monday afternoon as he was leaving a department in the Lawndale neighborhood on the city’s West Side, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. She told him her daughter had been missing since Sunday and showed him screen grab photos of the alleged assault.

He said Johnson immediately ordered detectives to investigate and the department asked Facebook to take down the video, which it did.

Guglielmi tweeted Tuesday that detectives found the girl and reunited her with her family, and that they’re conducting interviews.

He said Johnson was “visibly upset” after he watched the video, both by its contents and the fact that there were “40 or so live viewers and no one thought to call authorities.”

How long do people let this go on in Chicago before something concrete is done? Children are being murdered there every day. Now, the rape of young girls is being livestreamed to a select audience. Wonder how much they paid for that? This is the kind of bored, apathetic, sick mentality that led to the gladiators and the arenas. “What’s even more disturbing, more than the fact that they did this, there were so many people that saw this and they didn’t pick up the phone and dial 911,” Johnson told Chicago news station WGN. “That’s just not right and (we’re) working on it and try to bring it to a successful resolution.”

This was a gang rape.[3] The girl had been missing since Sunday. With the emergence of Facebook Live as well as Twitter’s live-streaming platform Periscope, it’s become more common for violent incidents to be streamed to the world in real-time. The people that do this[4] in my book, need to be hunted down and dealt with. They are nothing more than vicious, sub-human scum.

LOCATED: Deahvion Austin was found by 10th district officers. She is now at the Area with her mother & detectives are conducting interviews.[5]

— Anthony Guglielmi (@AJGuglielmi) March 21, 2017[6]


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