“2012’s Definitive List Of Unusual Baby Names Will Destroy Your Soul”

by Craig Newmark | January 5, 2013 6:28 am

Sad or funny, you decide[1].


Ace: – It’s bad enough when people name a boy Ace. Ace the boy has long bangs and the world’s most punchable face. Ace the girl is stuck with a name that screams out to the world, “Daddy wanted a boy, and he wanted that boy to be a fighter pilot.”

. . .

Thinn: – Don’t be fatt!

. . .: 


Aero: – Again, you can feel the strain. “I want my son to be bold, and strong, and a leader! I got it: I’ll name him THRUST.” You aren’t doing a child any favors by trying to ascribe qualities to him that aren’t there yet. This is a child, not the launch of a new brand of soda.

Burger: – Well now you’re just stoned off your face.

See also “The Strangest Baby Names This Year[2]“.


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