American Patriot Ditches Filters – Tells Us Why We Need Trump In THIS Viral Video

American Patriot Ditches Filters – Tells Us Why We Need Trump In THIS Viral Video

I’m a Christian… this guy isn’t. It doesn’t matter. And although I’m a Ted Cruz supporter, this guy is spot on. This is about saving America. My son-in-law came here legally from Denmark. Yes, it cost us a lot of money to get him here. My stepdaughter was born in Denmark as well. So don’t tell me I’m anti-immigrant. It just isn’t so. I’m for America and following the law. I’m for doing the right thing and national sovereignty and security. I’m against doing away with our borders and inviting in an invading force with terrorists in their midst. I’m against radical Islam and Shariah law. Liberals have a suicidal mindset and I don’t want any part of it… most of America doesn’t either. I think Cruz has a great chance at winning, but if Trump wins, I’m okay with that… just as long as Hillary Clinton doesn’t get in the White House. Ever.

Outlaw Morgan

From Clash Daily:

This epic rant explains in 4 minutes why Trump is unstoppable, and Americans are done with the way things have been.

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Common sense has been sacrificed for a whiny, liberal la-la-land where the State can arrest or silence anyone it pleases for hurting someone’s feelings or saying “taboo” words.

But Outlaw Morgan doesn’t give a [email protected]* about that. His viral and foul-mouthed rant is as close to the sentiments of the people as it gets. They are fed up, and pissed off – and for that reason, Trump will win.

Trump has a massive following and he may very well be unstoppable. Americans are ticked off and this is the result of it. They aren’t willing to put up with this corrupt Marxist crap anymore. I just hope that if Trump is the one, he’s what they think he will be and not a monstrous surprise. The establishment RINOs are doing all they can to take Trump out and it’s not working. They are scared to death over it. But they shouldn’t be… every move they have made over the last 15 years has virtually guaranteed the rise of someone like Donald Trump. This is a Frankenstein of their own making. Cruz is a constitutionalist and is the closest thing to Reagan we have seen in our lifetime… he’s what we need. The question is… is Trump what America wants? We’re about to find out.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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