BiteLabs: Marketing Salami Made Out of Celebrities

by Dave Blount | March 27, 2014 12:18 pm

In Matthew 26:26, Christ said, “Take, eat; this is my body.” These days many Americans seem to worship the shallow degenerates we see on TV. Maybe we should be eating their flesh:

[A] new start-up called BiteLabs is claiming to want to make human test-tube meat a reality. And they want to use celebrities to do it.

How it works:

A sample of tissue containing myosatellite cells (the type of cells that help repair and regrow damaged muscle) will be taken from a person during a biopsy. Those cells are multiplied in a lab using a medium that acts as an artificial blood to grow muscle.

Once the cells are mature enough, they will be ground and mixed with different kinds of meat, spices, fats and oils for flavor using one of the company’s “time-honored recipes for the creation of fine cured meats.” It will then be stuffed into casings, seasoned again then dry aged and cured before packaging for distribution.

The project really is linked to the bizarre anti-religion of the modern moonbat:

The company outlines how this type of test-tube meat would eliminate environmental and ethical concerns associated with livestock production, claiming its celebrity meat production would require less than 1% of the land used in traditional farming. The site also notes, the lab meats will not be affected by growth hormones or come into contact with any pesticides or chemicals.

You know your culture is in trouble when people advocate cannibalism due to the “environmental and ethical concerns” associated with a normal diet.

And as far as the celebrity angle, BiteLabs is hoping they can use celebrities to warm people up to the idea of consuming the meat.

The BiteLab website includes sample descriptions of salami made out of unappetizing moonbats Kanye Pest and Ellen DeGenerate.

At the rate our society is decaying, it won’t be long before people fail to see anything wrong with this.

Make sure you know what’s in your salami.

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