Black Man Upset Too Many White People Moving Into Neighborhood, Protests With Signs

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | August 1, 2015 3:49 pm

This strikes me as racist on this guy’s part.[1] He simply doesn’t want more white people in his neighborhood. The market should decide what homes are worth and you should be able to buy a home in a neighborhood of your choice as long as you can afford it. Race should have absolutely nothing to do with the matter. DC is among the most expensive places in the nation to live anymore. The houses already there have appreciated through the roof and that is because of a hot market there. It won’t always be that way. DC is growing and is a prime location because of the massive growth in government. If a true conservative is elected, look for that to radically change and fast. DC also has one of the highest crime rates in the nation. They are really big on gun control there, so no surprise. This man is welcome to protest, but he can only dictate what happens on his own property. Now, if the government is forcing neighborhoods to integrate, that’s a different Constitutional story altogether.

[Photo via Amanda Voisard/The Washington Post][2]

[Photo via Amanda Voisard/The Washington Post]

From Curbed:

The number of black residents in Washington, D.C.’s Brightwood[3] neighborhood dropped from 85 percent[4] in 1990 to 67 percent in 2010, and that’s made one resident so upset that he’s now picketing against gentrification in the city. For several weeks, Millfred Ellis, 78, has posted campaign-style signs on his Peabody Street lawn with messages like “Brightwood wants less gentrification. Not more.” Ellis told The Washington Post[5], “I don’t want people to come in and diminish the affordable housing stock for black Americans because [black Americans] have nowhere else to go. There are plenty of places for white Americans to go.” Not everyone in the community feels the same, though. ANC 4B Commissioner Brenda Parks said, “There’s no such thing as too many white people living in the neighborhood. We need to get off this color thing.” Increasing home values was one of the changes in the neighborhood that Parks described as positive. For Ellis, though, he believes it’s only pushing out middle-class black residents. In 2000, the median home price for the neighborhood was $189,000, but by 2015 many listings are reaching up to roughly $800,000. For now, Ellis tells The Washington Post[5], “I don’t want to lead the fight,” but he does hope to launch a coalition that would fight for more affordable housing in Washington, D.C. To hear more of what he and other residents in the neighborhood have to say about the changes in Brightwood, check out The Washington Post article here[6].

ยท A D.C. resident hopes these yard signs can save his neighborhood from gentrifiers[7] [The Washington Post]

Commissioner Parks is right on this one, they definitely need to get off the color thing. She’s also black, by the way. I’m sick to death of all the racism that has been pushed since Obama became president. He’s undone all the strides forward America has made to do away with racial strife and has caused divisiveness between Americans based simply on the color of their skin. It’s disgraceful. Affordable housing is a function of income, property values and availability. It should not be mandated or managed in my viewpoint. This man is decrying racism while committing racism. He does it using select words, but it shakes out as the same sentiment. His neighbors don’t seem to share his abhorrence of whites. Of course he’s found a sympathetic ear in the Marxist Washington Post who opines sadly that the black population in his neighborhood keeps decreasing. Because you know, we should all support racial enclaves.

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