BREAKING: The Damning Truth That Obama Is Trying to Hide…

BREAKING: The Damning Truth That Obama Is Trying to Hide…

Obama is racing towards signing new executive orders limiting our Second Amendment rights even further, when he knows that more regulations and gun control won’t work. It only leaves good people disarmed and defenseless. In Chicago, where gun laws are in full force, with a gun store next to impossible to find in the city limits and personal gun ownership basically outlawed, shooting-related incidents are at 2,887. Almost 3,000 have been victims this year in a city where they impose a ‘violence tax’ on guns and ammo. Over 440 have lost their lives to this same ‘gun violence.’ Violence where only the criminals are armed and victims are plentiful.

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From Breitbart:

On December 22 the Chicago Tribune reported that the number of shooting victims in gun-controlled Chicago year-to-date is 2,887.

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Nearly 3,000 shooting victims in a city with an “assault weapons” ban, a “violence tax” on every gun and bullet sold, strict limitations on the number of gun store and on the locations of said stores. and numerous other gun controls ubiquitously instituted to keep law-abiding citizens safer, but which actually make it far more difficult for law-abiding citizens to acquire the guns they need for self-defense.

The Chicago Tribune previously reported that there had already been 2,703 shootings and 440 deaths in Chicago by November 23. Now the Tribune reports that there have been a total of 2,887 shooting victims year-to-date in Chicago.

Instead of admitting the failure of gun control in Chicago, Obama has blamed it on states like Indiana and Wisconsin because he says their gun laws aren’t restrictive enough. By that logic, both those states and others should have blood running in their streets like Chicago does, but they don’t. What sets Chicago apart is taking guns away from people instead of training and arming them to protect themselves. Every major city where you see this gun control insanity implemented, the crime rate sky rockets. That’s because they turn these cities into hunting grounds for criminals. If Obama gets his way this next year, he will close the gun show loophole for selling guns privately, which will in effect stop most private gun sales. He will unconstitutionally add all those on the no-fly list to a list that prohibits them from owning guns. These are people who have not been convicted of anything and anyone could wind up on this designated enemies list. Outright gun confiscation is also on the agenda. Guns are our best defense against crime and tyrants. Obama is working very hard to make sure our rights are taken away before he leaves office. America won’t roll over for that… he’ll have to come and take them.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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