Brilliant! Man Sets Gas Pump and Car Ablaze Trying to Fry Spider with Lighter [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | September 26, 2015 2:43 pm

This deserves a Darwin Award[1], no doubt about it. The woman in the video put it best, “Do you know gas go boom?” Heh. Evidently not. Mr. Rocket Scientist saw a spider crawling on his fuel tank while he was pumping gas and decided what he really needed to do was burn the critter. So, he pulled out his lighter and went about frying said spider. He also fried his car and the gas pump. He almost fried himself as well. He’s lucky something didn’t explode and that he survived his moronic move. Just shaking my head that anyone could possibly be that stupid. But there ya go. He did put out the fire after it spread with a fire extinguisher. So, he must have at least one active brain cell left. The station’s insurance will cover the damage, but the video is pure gold.

Fire Spider[2]

From Fox 2 Detroit:

A man tried to kill a spider at a gas station using a lighter causing a dangerous fire.

Using a lighter to kill the bug, he started a blaze that quickly engulfed the gas pump.

He somehow escaped serious injury and the gas station’s damage was contained to one pump, which was destroyed. The incident was recorded at a Center Line gas station.

Employee Susan Adams kept calm and hit the gas automatic stop button and quickly called the Center Line fire department.

The man grabbed a nearby extinguisher and put out the flames before firefighters arrived. Later he admitted what he did, saying he spotted a spider on his gas tank and because he’s deathly afraid of the critters.

He pulled out his lighter and decided to burn it. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what happened next.

Employees at the gas station have been having fun with the video ever since.

This charred fuel pump says it all. We are told his car was barely damaged from the flames. But his embarrassing mistake didn’t stop the man from coming back the next day as a customer.

“He was sorry,” Susan said. “He was sorry, he said he didn’t know. It is just one of those things that happen – stupidity.”

Adams said this serves as a reminder about being careful around gas pumps. Whether it is using a cell phone or static electricity, the smallest spark can cause a gas station fire.

The accident is expected to be covered by the station’s insurance.

I may just have to watch this a dozen more times or so – it’s just that incredible. The guys working at the gas station are having a ton of laughs over it. Although it wouldn’t have been quite so chuckle-worthy if all the pumps had caught fire and the place had gone boom. Just sayin’. The guy had the nerve to come back the next day like nothing had happened. He did say he was sorry, but when you’ve done something that idiotic, you really should just slink off and call it a day. I hate spiders too… just not enough to blow myself to Kingdom Come over them. There was surprisingly little damage done to the guy’s car. I’m just not sure Mr. Mensa should even be driving. Wonder if he was impaired in some way. Or is stupidity his natural state? They are saying this should serve as a reminder on how dangerous gas can be… how about how dangerous some people can be? Paging the Darwin Awards…

Fire Spider1[3]

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