The Burger King Spa…Wait, What?

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | May 13, 2016 4:01 pm

In Helsinki, Finland[1], Burger King has just opened a spa. Now you can eat fast food and sweat it out at the same time. Ugh. Something about not eating where you sweat comes to mind. To each his own I guess. Their sauna seats 15. I’m still trying to reconcile eating a Whopper and fries and sitting in a healthy sauna. Nope… can’t get there from here. They are advertising it as a getaway for team building or some such nonsense. I don’t know about you, but when I’m eating fast food, I’m in a hurry, thus the word ‘fast’. This is just so wrong.

Burger King[2]

From Metro:

Burger King has opened a spa in one of its restaurants and we’re unsure what to think.

Although the idea of nibbling on some fries as we enjoy a little quiet ‘me time’ does sound rather delicious, we think allowing people to order Whoppers to enjoy while sweating it out in the sauna might be taking it too far.

Nevertheless, the world’s first BK spa is a thing that exists on the ground floor of the Mannerheimintie branch of Burger King in Helsinki, Finland.

It contains a sauna that seats 15, because the Finns do love a sauna.

According to the dedicated website, the sauna is ‘perfect for social gatherings or work’. Yes, perfect for work. Please consider it for your next team away day – what could be more conducive to team building than enjoying Whopper meals as you sit side by side, your skin slick with sweat, in a steaming hot room?

The sauna even comes equipped with a 48″ TV, which presumably can be hooked up for PowerPoint presentations, as well as a selection of branded Burger King towels. Next door, you will find the spa’s media lounge, which has a 55″ giant screen and a Playstation 4. Because what spa is complete without a Playstation? There’s also a shower room, a locker room and a toilet attached. Gee… wonder if they are gender fluid? Oh, and you can order in. Duh. You just place your order when you arrive and soon you could be enjoying a Double Whopper while you cleanse your pores. I predict this will be a huge flop, but you’ll get fries with that.

Burger King1[3]

Burger King2[4]

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