Caitlyn Jenner’s Instagram Blackout Over Hateful Comments On ESPY Day

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | July 17, 2015 8:41 am

Dude looks like a lady…[1] So, Jenner takes a walk on the wild side and a he becomes a she. Then she thinks that everyone will just accept her? You put on jugs while leaving the rest of your junk in place and then expected you wouldn’t get roundly attacked for that? Then she gets rewarded for her ‘courage.’ That’s not courage – I’m sorry… that’s perversion. That is one seriously messed up human being. The fact that Instagram would censor people on free speech because it was ‘offensive’ is in itself offensive. If the thought police are going to patrol Instagram like that, I suggest people find another social outlet. Hate isn’t okay and people should get warnings and eventually banned when they pull that crap. But to blackout an entire feed because you thought it looked bad on award day is just Orwellian. It feels like the Ministry of Truth has arrived.

Caitlyn Jenner[2]

From TMZ:

There was a Caitlyn Jenner[3] blackout on ESPY day … and the reason is all about hate.

We noticed late Wednesday morning if you hashtagged Caitlyn Jenner “most recent” would not come up. That means there was no way to see photos or texts using the hashtag.

The only photos you could see were from a few top posts … all very nice and positive.

Here’s what we found out. Instagram itself blocked its users ability to view “most recent” photos and texts, because there had been a flurry of really awful comments and uploads, including:

— ‘Until you grow a vagina and bleed, you will never be a woman’

— ‘F***ing Fa***t’

— ‘How is this THING rewarded anything’

There were so many negative comments and complaints about those comments, Instagram took swift action.

After Caitlyn took the stage, Instagram re-activated the hashtag and there was a flood of positive comments.

Nevertheless … Caitlyn clearly has her work cut out for her.

Only ‘positive’ speech will be allowed! Instagram is privately held, so they can do whatever they want. But so can we, and if free speech is going to be so blatantly manipulated and sanitized there, then I have better outlets to voice my opinions on. Just sayin’. In my world, Jenner is still a guy in drag. Under all the cosmetic surgery, hormones and makeup, she’s a he. Personally, I don’t use Instagram and never have. My stomping grounds are on Facebook and Twitter. Not to say there aren’t issues there as well, but not as egregious as this. I don’t care what Jenner does and I am not homophobic or “transgender-phobic.” It’s your life and if you want to mess with it like that, have at it. But when an outlet starts suppressing free speech instead of making it clear what a violation of the rules will entail, then I have a problem. I have a Constitutional problem with the whole scenario. So should you.

Caitlyn Jenner[4]

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