A call to almost die for – man about to be struck by crashing motocross rider jumps over bike and carries on talking on his cellphone like nothing happened

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | October 14, 2014 9:46 am

Well, that must have been a heck of an important call… at the Grand National Cross Country event in Ohio, a motorcross rider jumped a creek and slid in the mud. He was barreling directly toward a man in an orange hoodie on what would seem to be a call of a lifetime. Mr. Hoodie simply jumped over the rider who was about to smack into him, staggered slightly and kept on walking and talking[1].

From the Daily Mail[2]:

Video captures the breathless moment a motocross spectator talking on a cellphone dodged a biker who came barreling toward him.

Footage of the event posted on Facebook shows the driver making a jump and then landing on the other side of a creek bank, where they begin to slide on the wet mud.

A man standing directly in the driver’s path, wearing an orange hoodie and talking on his cellphone, quickly jumps in place to avoid the driver who crashes into the tree he was leaning on.

The busy man stumbles after the jump but quickly puts himself together and continues to talk on the phone without so much as a ‘phew’.

The incident happened at the Grand National Cross Country event in St Clairsville, Ohio’s Powerline Park.

‘Can you hear me now?’ somehow doesn’t do this justice. Just sayin’. The bike crashed into a tree behind him and the guy continued with his conversation without even a second thought. He also didn’t bother to check to see if the rider was okay. This is a person soooo self-engrossed, it’s as if his reality needs adjustment – perhaps his humanity as well. It’s okay to put the world on hold when you are almost squished and someone else is severely hurt. Just hang it up and tell them “I’m kinda busy.”

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