Canadian Comedian Guy Earle Hauled Before Commission for Thought Crime

by Dave Blount | March 30, 2010 1:25 pm

Liberal Canada’s devotion to free speech — which Ann Coulter[1] recently experienced first hand[2] — is now throwing a wet blanket on comedians[3].

Standup Guy Earle got into it with a pair of obnoxious lesbians at a show in Vancouver. They disrupted the show and even threw drinks in his face. He dealt with them as you would expect a comedian to do, with ridicule. Under Canada’s regime of totalitarian political correctness, this was the equivalent of making fun of belligerent Nazis in occupied France.

As Earle explains it,

“When you heckle me and you’ve been disrespectful through the whole show, I come from the George Carlin school of dealing with a heckler… So yeah, I shoved it down their throat and that’s what you do. …”

“I have the right to be offensive. Because they didn’t find it funny doesn’t mean they can take me to the human rights tribunal.”

They can and they have. The Ontario native has been ordered to fly back across the country to accept punishment for his thought crime from a kangaroo court held by the British Columbia Human Rights Commission.

Earle is starting to realize what kind of world he’s unlucky enough to live in.

Asked if he regrets what he said… the comic answered he’s more careful now that he knows there’s “an incentive program for hecklers.”

“My joke now is that when somebody heckles me out of the darkness, I peer through the lights and ask, ‘I’m sorry sir, before I respond to you, can you tell me if you are part of a protected group?'”

At least the exposure should help advance his career. Or maybe not:

The veteran comic said the incident has helped him gain notoriety but it hasn’t helped him gain bookings.

He’s been accused of being homophobic and while a handful of places might encourage extremely offensive material, hundreds of others want little to do with it.

In a world of politically correct cowards, no one wants to book someone accused of being “homophobic.” Earle’s comedy career will be heading the way of comedy in general: down the drain for the sake of moonbat ideology.

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