Canadian Comic Fined for Standing Up to Obnoxious Lesbian

by Dave Blount | April 22, 2011 1:38 pm

A comic’s job is to ridicule people — but not the special people[1]:

A Canadian comic has been ordered to pay CA$15,000 (US$15,745) to a woman he taunted along with her same-sex partner during a show in a Vancouver restaurant three years ago, the Vancouver Sun reported Thursday.

Stand-up comedian Guy Earle was ordered to pay the money to Lorna Pardy, 32, while the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal also ordered the Vancouver restaurant owner, Salam Ishmail, to pay her $7,500.

Pardy was heckling Earle and threw a drink at him, but that hardly excuses his politically incorrect crime against her, which consists of attacking her “identity and dignity as a woman and a lesbian.” Consequently he will be compelled to compensate her for “lost wages and for injury to dignity, feelings and self respect.”

She received this generous verdict by dragging Earle before an Orwellian “human rights commission[2].” These outfits have been set up in Canada for the express purpose of denying the human right of free speech that is not to the liking of privileged groups held as sacred by the liberal ruling class.

Forcing thought criminals to pay the very people who take advantage of the deranged system to abuse them is the soft tyranny version of billing families for the bullets used to execute their loved ones, as Saddam Hussein used to do.

The purpose of also fining the restaurant owner is to guarantee that no one suspected of being likely to commit a thought crime can get work as a comic. The effect on comedy will be the same as liberalism’s effect on everything else that it touches.

Canadian comics are advised to stick to making fun of Christians. Any heckling by perverts or other elite members of the “oppressed” must be answered with groveling submission.

Guy Earle: smacked down by the moonbat ruling class.

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