Casting Nancy Drew: White Girls Need Not Apply

by Dave Blount | January 13, 2016 12:22 pm

A civilization is a chain. Each generation is a link. Sever the connection of one link from the preceding link and you have destroyed the entire chain. That should give some insight into the agenda on display as CBS suits proclaim that Nancy Drew will now be fundamentally transformed:

CBS announced in October that it is developing a new Nancy Drew series. The drama, which is in development, is described as a contemporary take on the character from the iconic book series. Now in her 30s, Nancy is a detective for the NYPD where she investigates and solves crimes using her uncanny observational skills, all while navigating the complexities of life in a modern world.

Sounds like they are preserving a piece of American culture. But the reverse is true:

CBS Entertainment president Glenn Geller revealed Tuesday that the network’s reimagining of the iconic character will be diverse.

“She is diverse, that is the way she is written,” the executive told THR immediately following his time in front of the press at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour Tuesday. While Geller said it was too early in the process to explain just what he meant by diverse — whether Nancy is African-American, Asian-American or Latino, he said it would hinge on finding the right actress for the part. “[She will] not [be] Caucasian,” he stressed. “I’d be open to any ethnicity.”

That is, any ethnicity other than her original ethnicity, because that would not help to alienate the core population from their own culture.

Try to imagine a famous fictional character in Chinese culture being brought to the screen by execs who decree that she must not be played by a Chinese actress, because that wouldn’t be “diverse.” Impossible. That’s why China will still exist after progressives have finished systematically eradicating America by destroying its identity.

Next up: a re-envisioning of the Hardy Boys as illegal immigrants who investigate crimes while navigating the complexities of their homosexual affection for each other. BTW, Hardy Boys books have already been “extensively revised” so as to “eliminate racial stereotypes” according to Wikipedia.

Let’s hope some un-revised remnant of America has been stored in a vault somewhere so that the future will know we existed.

Nancy Drew will be transmogrified.

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