College Feminists Protest Fashion Spread as “Aryan”

Your college dollars at work, parents! At Ohio University, the cuckoo pants is in full swing. Ohio University has a student-run magazine called Backdrop Magazine. They decided to have a little fashion spread in their Spring issue. No big whoop, right? Wrong:

Enter OU hyperfeminist Bethany Francis.:  Francis is a theater production major, and apparently, a giant whackadoodle.:  When Francis picked up the Spring issue of Backdrop Magazine , she saw the coming of the Fourth Reich in the student-run pop-culture magazine.:  Why?

Because the magazine’s spring fashion shoot didn’t include, in her estimation, the proper quota of non-blonde girls.

That’s right. Because there were too many of those icky, pretty blonde girls, Miss Francis, in her childish and perpetual victim mentality head, said to herself:  “Brunette h8rs!!!11 You are just like those Nazis that I kind of, sort of read about but clearly don’t remember it or I wouldn’t compare a fashion spread to mass genocide.” She was so upset, that she made it her super cool cause and enlisted fellow insane college “feministsvia Facebook.

Then I saw the summer fashion “article”: eight identically bodied, white, blonde — excuse me: one brunette — very athletic/thin, women who looked so similar, they could be interchangeable. I can assure you, the first thought I had when viewing this shoot — in which the girls go nameless, mind you, a step down from the magazine’s previous “article” about “Women Who Work It” with no written component, aside from a minimal blurb about Ms. Lisa Summerscales — was not, “Wow, what an attractive swimsuit!” Rather, my reaction was a combination of, “So, here at OU we produce publications that celebrate the Beauty Ideal hurting both women and men?” and, “Apparently the Aryan Race is in and people of color and different sizes are OUT.”

But the most shameful, immediate response I had to the shoot was, “This makes me feel bad about my body.” I was in no way looking at the suits that these women were wearing; I was immediately comparing my body to theirs and angrily hating mine/theirs at the same time. This confession is not to say that these women are not beautiful or healthy — they are both! — but I have a serious problem with an Ohio University publication broadcasting that this body type that everyone should have.

Aha. And there, we have it. Once again, a leftist jumps to Godwin’s Law and odiously compares something to Nazism just because they don’t like it. And it made her feel bad. About herself.:  Bethany, try scrawling madly in your diary or maybe even start an angry manifesto as an outlet for your self-involved faux-angst. No one will take you seriously then, either, but at least you won’t be offensively and outrageously daring to compare your low self-esteem issues with people who were murdered by mass genocidal, anti-Semitic maniacs.

Maybe try giving a hoot about women who actually are subjugated and are made to feel shameful about their bodies. Ever hear of Iran?

TEHRAN – Iranian authorities have begun police patrols in the capital to arrest women wearing clothes deemed improper. The campaign against loose-fitting veils and other signs of modernism comes as government opponents are calling for rallies to mark the anniversary of the disputed presidential election, and critics of the crackdown say it is stoking feelings of discontent.

But hard-liners say that improper veiling is a “security issue” and that “loose morality” threatens the core of the Islamic republic.

Most of them are brunette, Bethany, and are of “diverse” skin colors and such (by the way, they are also punished for being suntanned). You should care about them, then, right? Nah, of course you don’t. Because it’s not about them. It’s not about women. It’s all about you, as it always is with femisogynists like yourself. Your outrageous outrage is always based on your own victim mentalities. As Jesse Hathaway said at RedState:

Also, just as “advocates” such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or OU’s own Aisha Upton aren’t truly trying to help anyone except themselves and their endless RAAAAAAAAAGE, feminists such as Andrea Dworken, Marylin French, or OU’s own Bethany Francis aren’t really upset about the plight of the women in 2010, they’re just in it for the attention and the glory.

Bingo. The only systematic sexism or racism that exist in this country are the kinds created in the minds of these perpetual victims, erroneously calling themselves “advocates,” and in the institutions that they’ve created to perpetuate the same.

Thankfully, these race baiters and gender baiters are now failing with most of the population, even if Backdrop Magazine caved in and apologized.

Now irrelevant, but soon extinct. Good riddance.


(Originally posted at NewsReal)

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