Crazed mom attacks her son with knives after discovering he ate the leftover pork chops

Another candidate for ‘bad mother of the year.’ Gee, what a role model. 15 year-old boys get hungry… deal with it. And yep, they lie. Especially when they have a boozing, abusive mother to contend with. Because he ate three pork chops you meant for dinner, that was justification for throwing butcher knives at his face and hitting his thumb which had to be stitched up. Adding to your motherly ways, you then decide to blame the kid when an officer interrogates you on the incident… saying that he pushed you down. Way more likely, you fell down from being drunk. When the officer tells you that is no excuse, you concede. This just goes to show that some people should never have children in the first place.

From Rare:

DAYTON, Ohio — A 57-year-old Ohio woman is jailed for allegedly attacking her teenage son with a knife.

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Officers were called just before 3 p.m. Saturday to Good Samaritan Hospital in Dayton, where a 15-year-old stabbing victim said his mother attacked him during an argument over food.

The teen’s aunt told police her sister became angry because the night before she made pork cops. After dinner, four were packaged for later meals. However, when she got up Saturday, three were gone and her son lied about eating them. She then began to throw knives at the boy, according to a Dayton police report.

The teen said his mother had been drinking, and that he tried to run because “I had knives coming at my face.” He said a foot-long kitchen knife hit him on his thumb, cutting it open. The teen called his aunt to take him to the hospital, where his cut required stitches, the report stated.

At Yolanda Veasley’s apartment, police saw a knife the size described by her son in the sink with dried blood stains on it. On the kitchen counter was a white towel that was soaked in blood. Veasley told police she threw the knife after her son had knocked her down. When the officer said that didn’t justify throwing a deadly weapon at her son, she said “yeah, you’re right,” according to the report.

Vealsey was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on suspicion of felonious assault. She is scheduled to appear in court Monday morning, according to online jail records.

Montgomery County Children Services also was contacted, the report stated.

The boy is now with Children Services. I hope his aunt who took him to the hospital takes him in. Evidently, the father is MIA as is so common these days. Growing boys need food – my son and his friends about ate us out of house and home growing up. But we danced with it. Now he’s a wonderful adult and I couldn’t be more proud. This poor boy who just went through this deserves a whole hell of a lot better than a drunken mom who goes postal over a couple of gnoshed pork chops. Thankfully mommy dearest was a lousy aim this time.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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