Diesel’s Ad Campaign to Teens: “Show Us Your Boobs”

Diesel’s Ad Campaign to Teens: “Show Us Your Boobs”

It seems that: advertising executives now think it’s totally cool to include teens in that whole “sex sells” marketing tool. Diesel Jeans has a new ad campaign running,: called Be Stupid (sadly, they don’t mean it ironically) wherein they encourage people to “have balls.” Okay, “having balls”, or as grown-ups like to say, taking risks, has its merits and on the surface is a good thing. However, you don’t need to be stupid to have guts. You also don’t need to be trampy, as personified in the ad photograph above.

Show us your boobs, girls! : Yes, girls. The ad: ran in Nylon magazine, for one, which, while not officially a “teen magazine,” : is read by teens and young women. : Objectify much, Diesel? Not to mention, the tagline “stupid has balls.” Hey, guess what? Smart can have “balls” too. In fact, I don’t think it takes any balls to be stupid. Stupid is easy.

It’s easy to be shocking. It’s harder to be smart. I think Greg Gutfeld said that, but I’m stealing it because I like it. Aside from the fact that the entire ad concept is lacking reason, the above suggested “be stupid” moment is a symptom of what has been happening to our children over the past couple of decades. Not only are some trying to turn them into little adults, they are sexualizing them and trying to turn them into little trampy versions of themselves. Here are:  two more Diesel ad photos, this time: from their Kids Collection itself:

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Nice. So, where is the: National Organization for Women (NOW)? Where are all the For The Children organizations? Is this acceptable to them? Is this why Hollywood: onerously defended Roman Polanski? They think kids ARE sexual beings? Of course, I’m sure that, according to them, the rest of us must all be philistines and not enlightened enough to get the concept.

I’d wait around for your answers and pathetic attempts at justification, faux-feminists and faux For The Children â„¢ people, like the: Children’s Defense Fund, but I’m busily trying to raise a daughter who respects herself and makes smart decisions, not “stupid” shock factor ones. Thankfully, she isn’t old enough nor “edgy” enough to read your magazines. By “edgy”, I, of course mean the total opposite of edgy.

You see, that whole “We are so balls-y and brave” shtick doesn’t play anymore. For that to work, you have to not take the easy route: every time. You think flashing boobies makes one a rebel or an individual? It does not at all. It doesn’t make one a rebel, but, rather the antithesis of one. It makes them sheep, albeit in super cute clothes. It is not being brave or showing your individuality. It’s merely doing what you think will endear you to the “cool” kids. The cool kids, by the way, are asses. Instead of being stupid, try being smart and learning: that Teachable Moment (that’s right; I took one of your favorite catch-phrases and used it against you. )

My daughter also doesn’t get fancy pants Diesel clothes. My goal as her Mom?: That she is never: ”stupid”: enough for you, Diesel.

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