EXCLUSIVE: Darren Wilson’s friends demand that the ‘star’ witness in the Michael Brown case be charged with PERJURY for his ‘hands up, don’t shoot lie’ after grand jury rejects teen’s version of events [Video]

Damn straight, Skippy! You betcha Johnson should be charged with perjury for lying to a Grand Jury. Duh. Then he should be charged with inciting violence and as an accessory after the fact for anyone killed in the riots. You don’t just let someone maliciously lie like this and walk. He did the crime, now do the time. The evidence is overwhelming that Officer Wilson told the truth. Wilson’s life is destroyed over this – he will have to resign and unless he works in a small, conservative town, he’ll never be a cop again. The people who had their stores burned and trashed, had their lives ruined too. All because some wannabe gangster thug didn’t like a white cop’s attitude.

From the Daily Mail:

Close friends of Darren Wilson have called for the star witness in the Michael Brown shooting to be charged for lying about what he saw.

Two of the Ferguson police officer’s best friends told MailOnline that Dorian Johnson – who was next to Brown at the time – should be arrested for his statements in numerous TV interviews he made days afterwards.

They say that he made up the claim that Brown had his hands up which kickstarted the ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ protest movement.

For his part Johnson told the grand jury that the whole process has left him feeling ‘victimized’.

He also revealed that the altercation began because he didn’t like how Wilson spoke to him like a father telling off his son.

Johnson was walking with Brown back to his house in Ferguson, Missouri, when he and Wilson got in tussle that ended in tragedy on August 9.

The killing sparked more than a week of violent protest and trouble erupted again this week with looting and widespread vandalism when a Grand Jury decided not to indict Wilson.

The decision effectively means they did not believe Johnson’s account.

Afterwards, Wilson’s testimony was made public which his supporters say proves Johnson was a liar.

A close friend said: ‘Dorian Johnson is the one who started it all. If it was up to me he should be charged.

‘He got right on CNN, he got right on TV and started blabbering his mouth off. I could tell by his voice that he was lying.

‘Darren Wilson’s story makes sense regardless of whether I knew him or not.’

The friend also criticized Johnson for claiming that he hid behind a car but also claimed to have seen everything that happened.

The friend said: ‘That’s just not possible’.

In his TV interviews after Brown’s death on CNN and MSNBC Johnson said that Wilson told him and Brown to ‘get the f***onto the sidewalk’ as he drove past in his police SUV.

But in his interview at the St Louis County police department on August 10, the day after he killed Brown Wilson said that he asked them both: ‘Hey guys, why don’t you walk on the sidewalk?’

Johnson is said to have replied: ‘F*** what you have to say’.

Johnson claimed Brown was shot in the back… not true. He claimed that Wilson told them to get off the f**king sidewalk… not true. He denied the robbery and crime they just committed… not true. He claimed Brown said: ‘I don’t have a gun, stop shooting!’… not true. After the shooting, Johnson ran home to change, so the cops wouldn’t recognize him after the shooting and robbery. Johnson has previous convictions for theft and filing a false police report. Boy, that’s credibility in a witness for you. Officer Wilson now has a 5 year-old son and his new bride of last month is expecting. None of their lives will ever be the same, all because he did the right thing. All because he didn’t let some asshat kill him, evidently like a good cop should. You gotta be kidding me. You think Wilson doesn’t feel horrible about this? That he killed someone? Unlike Brown, Wilson is a decent person with a conscience. The whole tragedy occurred because they didn’t like white cops and the officer was addressing them like a ‘father talking to kids.’ So, Brown decided to get his violence on and attack Officer Wilson because he didn’t like his ‘tone.’ Johnson claims to feel victimized; that Wilson could have tasered Brown to stop him or used his billy club. When an officer feels his life is threatened, he has the right to use deadly force. The good guy did the right thing here – stop justifying thuggery. There is no excuse for becoming an arrogant, violent criminal at any age.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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