Former World’s Strongest Man Serves “Rough Justice” – When He Catches 8 Migrant Men Doing THIS!

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | February 12, 2016 1:45 pm

I’m trying to dredge up any outrage here… I got nothing.[1] Not one little bit of disagreement here. I don’t blame this guy at all. A man from Poland who is now a haulage company boss and is a former World’s Strongest Man is being fined outrageously for Islamic immigrants who hid in his trucks. Weightlifting champion Mariusz Pudzianowski was fined £40,000 when French officials caught eight refugees inside lorries bound for Britain in Calais. He took to Facebook and threatened to beat the holy crap out of them next time. They caused £23,000 of damage to goods inside the truck. The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) expert and five time World’s Strongest Man champion said he would soon go to France to deal with ‘this human garbage’. He wrote: ‘With this [baseball bat] I’ll be waiting on my trailer at the ferry from Calais to the UK. We are dealing with the protection of personal property. If someone attacks you, you have the right to defend yourself, and if you steal something and are caught in the act you have the right to deal with him to prevent crime.’ I agree with him 100%.


From the Daily Mail:

A former World’s Strongest Man, now a haulage company boss, faces prosecution for threatening refugees found hiding in one of his trucks with a baseball bat.

Weightlifting champion Mariusz Pudzianowski, who runs an international transport company, was fined £40,000 when French officials caught eight refugees inside lorries bound for Britain in Calais.

The bodybuilder posted a threatening picture of himself holding the bat on Facebook – and warned next time he would be waiting for migrants who hid in his truck with a bat.

He posted pics of his destroyed property on Facebook as well. That is one guy I would not want to run afoul of. The immigrants who steal and destroy items belonging to this man are about to get a dose of comeuppance they never bargained for. This isn’t some helpless girl they can rape and abuse. This is a guy who will crush them. In another post he said that although he works with people of different faiths, including Muslims, he would ‘not tolerate robbers, rapists, burglars’. He is now under investigation by Polish prosecutors for inciting hatred and racism after being reported by anti-racist group HejtStop (Stop Hatred). Figures. He didn’t submit to the tender mercies of the immigrants and for that he’s a racist and a hater. In his defense, Pudzianowski, who once served 19 months in jail for assaulting a local mafia boss, said: ‘At no time have I called for hatred or attacks on different religions, nationalities. There is a difference between the incitement to violence and defending when one is affected. I won’t allow another group of immigrants onto my trucks. I don’t want my employees to be put at risk from refugees armed with knives.’ This guy is going to protect himself and his own and God help anyone who screws with him. That’s the way all of us should be. It’s our right and duty to protect ourselves from these monsters.






  1. I’m trying to dredge up any outrage here… I got nothing.:
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