Guy With A Death Wish Flawlessly Jumps Off Hotel Balcony Into Pool During Spring Break [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | March 26, 2015 11:35 am

Well, this is something I wouldn’t do[1] unless of course, you want to go splat and die. Geez. This guy jumped off a balcony at hotel on Spring Break into a pool and he was several floors up there – way up, in fact. He jumped perfectly into the middle of the pool The guy must have been high and minus any brain cells at all. The best that can be said is he didn’t die. Some say the leap was from 30 to 40 feet up – three stories.

Not only did this death-defying Spring Breaker survive[2], he lived it up to party some more with his girlfriend Abbs. Texan or not, man you have got to be stone-cold nuts to do a jump like that into a shallow pool. That boy has some cojones… maybe he could lend them to some of our weak-kneed Sallies in Congress. I’m all for fun guys – but let’s do it where someone doesn’t become a stain on the concrete or mush at the bottom of a pool, shall we?

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