HOLY CRAP! Black Trump Supporter in Tucson Beats Down Protester… Crowd Goes Wild

HOLY CRAP! Black Trump Supporter in Tucson Beats Down Protester… Crowd Goes Wild

Things turned violent in Tucson yesterday at a Donald Trump rally. They had already been tense in Phoenix as radical protesters blocked a freeway there and caused trouble any way they could. Sheriff Arpaio obliged them and carted most of them off to jail. In Tucson however, things got real. A couple of protesters (one with a KKK hood) were being led out of a rally by police officers when a black Trump supporter punched, kicked and stomped one of the protesters into the ground. Somehow that didn’t make Druge. Gee, I wonder why. The Trump supporter was arrested by police. I’m sure Trump will ride to the rescue with legal aide any moment now. I’ve warned about this anger and violence being ratcheted up on both sides. Here it is.


From CBS News:

TUCSON, Ariz. — Another Donald Trump event erupted in violence in Tucson, Arizona on Saturday night: a rally attendee was arrested after he punched and repeatedly kicked a protester as he was being escorted out of the rally by security.

Additionally, Arizona’s infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio – who has endorsed Trump because of the GOP front-runner’s immigration stance – said his officers locked up protesters who blocked a main highway leading to the rally and “threw them in jail.”

Arpaio, who assured the crowd at the event that he believes Trump will deliver on his promise to build a giant wall on the border with Mexico, has introduced Trump at multiple campaign events.

Trump’s campaign events have displayed levels of violence during the 2016 White House campaign that most political experts can’t remember seeing in their lifetime in national politics. Many have accused the GOP front-runner of inciting the violence. Trump has dismissed the frequent aggressiveness and fisticuffs as the work of “thugs” who don’t support him.

On the one hand, I can understand the frustration on the right and just not being able to take it anymore. But nothing justifies this kind of behavior. Nothing, unless you are personally attacked, which didn’t happen here. If this keeps up, someone is going to get killed. It’s just that simple. The left is baiting the right, hoping they will go violent on them so they can demonize them in the press and the public arena. The right is obliging and that is exactly what they want. Trump has a right to hold his rallies. People have a right to attend them in safety. Protesters have a right to peacefully protest, without encumbering free speech and inciting violence. No one has a right to get angry and physically assault others. While the guy was doing this, the crowd went wild. Does anyone think this will end well?




Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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