How ‘Childish’ Can You Get! Obama Blocks 13 Yr-Old From Following Him On Twitter [Video]

How ‘Childish’ Can You Get! Obama Blocks 13 Yr-Old From Following Him On Twitter [Video]

That takes stones. CJ Pearson has become a conservative favorite for speaking more common sense than most adults do about Barack Obama. I love the kid and I’m proud of him. He made a video this last week excoriating Obama on inviting Ahmed, the clock boy, to the White House. He did a masterful job of taking down POTUS on the issue. He went to see Barack Obama’s Twitter feed yesterday and found he was blocked. Unreal. Talk about petty. Being brighter than 99% of Marxists out there, CJ took a screen shot of the message saying that he was blocked. Good thing. Because before you can say ‘Progressive,’ the White House came out and called him a liar. Imagine that. Obama wouldn’t give this kid the time of day, much less sit down and speak with him, but somehow the White House has time to publicly come out and call him a liar. CJ did exactly what he should… he told them to knock it off and get stuffed.

From The American Mirror:

Now who’s being the child?

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Conservative YouTube sensation CJ Pearson, a 13-year-old black middle schooler from Georgia, revealed today that he’s been blocked from following President Obama on Twitter. He’s also unable to view the president’s tweets.

“It’s an honor,” Pearson tells The American Mirror, insisting he did nothing to warrant being blocked, except his most recent video released last week.

In the video, he accuses the president of playing politics with the Texas student who was suspended for bringing a clock to school that appeared to be a bomb.

“He’s used this child as a political prop,” Pearson said. “This president has used this child to push his radical, leftward agenda. And I think it’s disgusting, and I think many, many people agree.”

Pearson’s video has been viewed over 1.8 million times on YouTube.

UPDATE — 10:23 p.m.:

CJ says the White House issued a statement saying the president didn’t block him on Twitter. CJ responds here:

Obama did play politics with Ahmed. The kid faked the clock, had a political and religious agenda and I believe his father was behind the whole mess. Obama uses everyone as a prop and then discards them when they no longer benefit him. But playing head games with a 13 year-old? That’s low even for Old Scratch. CJ doesn’t need to defend himself. We all see what happened because he took a screen shot of it. It shows what liars Obama and his minions are. I predict a bright and prosperous future for CJ and he doesn’t look anything like what Obama’s son would look like. Thank goodness. It’s a conundrum. You can be an evil genius to a certain extent and stupid as all get out. Evil is inherently stupid. Obama is a traitor and a puppet. He’s also arrogant and petty, which you see here. Obama acts like a 4 year-old with his finger on a nuclear trigger. This doesn’t surprise me at all – revenge against a 13 year-old conservative… that’s vintage Obama.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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