Instead of Giving a Speeding Ticket to This Couple… This Officer Does This [Video]

Instead of Giving a Speeding Ticket to This Couple… This Officer Does This [Video]

What a touching story. This officer is also a pastor and a very kind man. Every time Deputy Loveless gets out of his patrol car, he says a silent prayer that everything will be okay. This time, when he pulled over a speeding couple, things were different. They were heading for the memorial for their daughter who had just died. When Loveless found out where they were going, he took the mother’s hand and asked if he could pray with them. They prayed for their daughter who had left this world and prayed in general. That Christian charity and kindness was exactly what that couple needed in that moment. The ticket was forgotten and comfort was given. Another silent hero walks among us… this one is a devout Christian.

Cop Pastor

From TheBlaze:

Maxine Morgan admits she “wasn’t really paying attention” as she sped down a Louisiana highway with her husband, Jimmy Morgan. But Bossier Parish deputy Jackie Loveless was paying attention.

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Loveless pulled the couple over but, before getting out of his patrol vehicle, he told KSLA-TV that he said a short prayer. Like so many other officers across the country recently, Loveless couldn’t help but think about how a routine traffic stop could become something much worse.

The deputy walked up to Morgan’s window, voicing such friendly phrases as “How are you doing today?” and “Where are you going in such a hurry?” After hearing that the couple was headed to to a memorial service for their daughter Daphne, who died just days before, Loveless did the unexpected.

“I asked her, ‘Ma’am, do you mind if I pray with you?’” Loveless told KSLA-TV. “When the spirit of the Lord comes up to me to pray, I’m obedient to him and pray with that person.”

For the Morgans, that was just what they needed to get them through what was sure to be a difficult day ahead.

“It just touched me so much,” Maxine Morgan said.

Loveless recalled that in the middle of his prayer, the woman grabbed his hand “real tight” as tears flowed down from Morgan’s eyes. The deputy later described them as “tears of greatness and tears of appreciation.”

“I think he was our miracle that day,” Morgan said of the officer.

Loveless’ remarkable action didn’t go unnoticed by his boss, either. Bossier Parish Sheriff Julian Whittington had nothing but positive things to say about his deputy while talking to KTLA-TV.

“Jackie understands we deal with a lot of people, but in a lot of times in the most stressful, critical event they’ve ever had to deal with in their lives,” Whittington said. “He exemplifies, first off, a man, a Christian man.”

A Christian man, to be certain. In fact, Loveless is also the pastor of a church that he started in nearby Bossier City.

As for Morgan, she got off without a ticket, but added that she doesn’t consider the traffic stop to be without consequence.

“We needed something that day and he gave it to us,” Morgan told KSLA-TV. “I think he was our miracle that day.”

He was their miracle that day and helped them say goodbye to the one they loved above all else. Deputy Loveless helped two others pray that day and changed their lives as well. What a good man and a fine police officer. Enforcing the law and truly helping those in need with comfort and a helping hand – I find that truly inspirational. This couple thought they were getting a speeding ticket and got so much more than that. Deputy Loveless helped heal hearts that were torn and ease the grief of parents in their hour of need. Sheriff Whittington had nothing but praise for his deputy. That is living your faith and that is what it means to be a true Christian.

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