The Left’s Alternative to Toxic Masculinity

by Dave Blount | February 9, 2017 2:18 pm

Progressive leftists fret about the menace of “toxic masculinity.” Within realms they totally control, like the fashion industry, they have eradicated it entirely. Sad and Useless presents photographic evidence of what moonbattery wants to do to us, from Alejandro Gómez Palomo’s Palomo Spain male fashion show in New York:


Click through for plenty more. They are all men, by the way.

Vogue enthusiastically describes the show:

Palomo sent out a lavish and over-the-top collection that, at its core, gave a bejeweled and feather-trimmed middle finger to the unaccepting and the regressive. How fabulously timely.

Model Hari Nef agrees, gushing,

“That was the most amazing, beautiful, decadent, evil thing I’ve ever seen!”

Amazing, decadent, and even evil, okay. But you would have to be part of the Liberal Elite to think it’s beautiful.

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